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10 Things Canadians Miss After Leaving Home

by Rebecca Burton Sep 4, 2015

1. Caesars.

Go to any bar outside of Canada and order a Caesar and they’ll tell you they don’t have salads. You’ll long for the perfect hangover-curing, brunch companion as others mock your love of a drink that is in fact, partly clam juice. And no, a Bloody Mary isn’t “kind of the same thing.”

2. The changing seasons.

It’s a national pastime to complain about the weather, but without -30 degree winter snowmaggedons we wouldn’t appreciate our beaming hot Canadian summers. Every season has its beauty — we just got lucky and got four of them. (And two separate wardrobes.)

3. Ketchup chips, Hickory Sticks, and Crispy Crunch.

And in extreme cases, you’ll order them on Amazon.

4. The Hockey night in Canada tune.

Hockey fan or not, when that Saturday night tune comes on CBC, you know our boys are hitting the ice. We may not always win, but when we get close, this country’s united fandom is unbeatable.

5. The convenience of Tim Hortons.

We all agree — the coffee isn’t great. But there is some comfort in knowing that no matter where you are in Canada, a bagel and cream cheese or a double double for a toonie aren’t too far away.

6. Cottage country, stargazing on docks, and the comfort of Muskoka chairs.

There is nothing quite like filling up with s’mores, dousing out the fire, and laying down on the dock with, above you, a blanket of stars. These are the moments that make winter seem worth it.

7. The hidden wealth of realizing just how much your collection of loonies and toonies add up to.

Complain about the bulge in your wallet all you want but when you sprawl those coins on your table and realize you have $20, you know you’re winning.

8. Being understood when you want to buy a “two-four” or a “mickey”.

The same applies for finishing sentences with “eh?” and using a “u” in words like neighbour and colour. And sometimes you just want to “give’r!” and put on a “toque.”

9. Hearing the word ‘sorry’ on repeat.

We say ‘sorry’ a lot, but when you hear it less and less you’ll start to realize just how polite we really are.

10. The natural beauty of our country.

There is no denying it — Canada is a stunning place. From the Banff Mountains to Lake Louise to the read earth of P.E.I. and the flat plains of the Prairies. It might just take you leaving Canada to realize just how good we have it.

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