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11 Differences Between a Normal Mom and an Indian Mom

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by Anjana Das May 8, 2015


A normal mother will tell you, “Your destiny is in your hands.”
An Indian mother believes your destiny is written by the family astrologer who will also have a list of remedies for every unforeseen patch in your horoscope.


As you head for a holiday a normal mum will remind you to call home to say you arrived okay.
An Indian mum will pack three sets of parathas for all three days and include a bottle of boiled water, a pickle and a big bag of Bhujia for in-between snacking.


A normal mum might wait till you grow past three-feet tall to consider a career for you.
An Indian mum knows you were destined to be a doctor or an engineer no matter what.


A normal mum will encourage you to learn to swim.
An Indian mum will refuse to let you anywhere near water because she knew someone whose cousin had a near-drowning episode as a child.


A normal mum might give you a sound reprimand when you go missing in a supermarket.
An Indian mother will holler your name across the aisles repeatedly and at full volume even if you were only around the corner, and will give you a nice pasting when you are within arm’s reach.


A normal mum would compare your marks with your previous year’s performance.
An Indian mum will find someone somewhere who has better grades; if not in your class or at home, then among friends, neighbours or anywhere within the extended Indian community.


A normal mum will send you to an extracurricular activity that YOU fancy.
An Indian mum will enroll you for Kathak (Indian dance) classes or Carnatic music whether you showed any desire to hold a rhythm or not.


As a kid, a normal mum will set food in front of you and expect you to eat it by yourself.
An Indian mum will try to shovel the food into your mouth or carry the plate heaped with food and trail behind you for the next three hours.


A normal mum will ignore your tantrums when you refuse to do a chore.
An Indian mum will pull an emotional guilt trip number: “You know, I carried you for 9 months in my tummy?”


A normal mother will let you have a little say in how or when you married.
As a girl you will hear your Indian mother tell her relatives of the gold jewellery being hoarded for your wedding, and the silk saris that will be your legacy.


When you break your heart for the first time a normal mum will tell you she is there for you.
An Indian mum will start with: “Didn’t I tell you that boy was not right for you!” And as you are storming out of the room, “I am telling you for your own good.”

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