11 Things You Can't Help Getting Addicted to in Mexico

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by Rodrigo Macías Jan 14, 2016
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The convenience of not having to feed your body between breakfast and dinner, because you started the day nurturing yourself with a concha, a liter of freshly squeezed orange juice, some fruitita, a coffee, and something more filling, like a warm and spicy serving of huevos divorciados, and three or four tortillas. If you are Mexican, then never mind… it doesn’t matter how you start the day, your body will ask for food all day, every day.

The frequent indications of surrealism that you witness in Mexico. Not one visitor leaves Mexico without having witnessed some sort of event that made them say: “C’est incroyable!”, “No way, really?”, or “Ich glaube es nicht!“.

The informality of formal events. Who cares if halfway through the wedding you’re no longer wearing shoes, or if you have to unbutton your trousers to fit in more chilaquiles? No one in Mexico cares!

The human warmth that surrounds you every day. Why is it that in other countries you don’t enjoy any kind of physical contact (not even with your close family and friends), but here in Mexico, you don’t mind being greeted with a kiss hello and hugged good-bye by someone you just met?

Not getting too stressed about showing up late to an event, since there is a 90% chance that the thing you are arriving late to… will start late. So, don’t worry, you have time for a couple more beers.

To the inborn instinct that pushes all Mexicans to take good care of our guests, and that we are so afraid not to follow.

To be told “¡Salud!” when you sneeze, even by people that don’t know you. Where outside of Mexico can you get noticed so easily?

The street food merchants. You know the exact time that the tamales guy passes by your house or office, the antojitos lady smiles and greets you as you walk by her comal, and before you arrive under the umbrella of the jugos man, he’s already finished preparing your order, because he knows exactly how you like your morning jugo… Oh no! What are you supposed to do after you leave Mexico? Poor you!

The easiness of changing landscapes. When your Instagram followers see your photos they think that you are on one of those around-the-world-in-four-weeks tours. But no, you’re just visiting your Mexican amigos.

The endless variety of color palettes that you find in people’s clothing, facades, food and even the furniture. Mexico’s colorful life never stops inspiring your inner child.

To mocking life. If you need a place that finds the funny side of any hard situation, come to Mexico!

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