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13 Things Only Real Texans Love to Eat and Drink

Texas Food + Drink
by Turner Wright Feb 15, 2017

1. BBQ without the sauce

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It should come as no surprise BBQ is at the top of the list for most Texans. Vegetarians can have free reign over Austin, but most of us invade the rest of the state seeking smoked meat.

2. Dr. Pepper

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Did you know this tasty concoction was invented in Waco over a hundred years ago? It took longer than that before 7-11 was stocking Dr. Pepper Slurps, but Texans were still drinking it left and right. Now, you can even find it in vending machines around Shinjuku.

3. All kinds of steak

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…as long as you don’t order it well done. Seriously, why would you put beef through that? Texas is known for its diners serving up chicken fried steak, and the 72-oz steak challenge in Amarillo.

4. Blue Bell ice cream

Ben and Jerry’s? Go back to California. All genuine Texans love the great taste of ice cream from Brenham, listeria be damned.

5. Corn dogs

If there’s one food that brings back childhood memories of road trips and throwing darts at the Texas State Fair, it’s a good corn dog. Just add a mustard and you’ll never go back to regular hot dogs again.

6. Chips and salsa

Why even order main courses when most Mexican places around Texas offer unlimited chips and salsa?

7. Tex-mex

Burritos, fajitas, tacos… it’s a minor miracle we’re not in food comas all the time.

8. Shiner Bock

What better way to wash down some of that salty food with a sweet (meaning delightful, not the flavor) Texas beer? You might even be ready to Two Step afterwards.

9. Tamales

For me, there’s no finer memory than riding in the backseat of my parent’s car and heading to such an unassuming place to eat like the Dallas Tortilla & Tamale Factory.

10. Pecan Pie

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Depending on where you live, there might be a pecan tree littering your backyard with the nuts.

11. Chili

No list of Texas delicacies would be complete without tried and true chili. There’s a famous cookout in Terlingua in November, but none of us need to drive that far to get just the right mix of beef and peppers, maybe with a little cornbread to cut down on the spiciness.

12. Kolaches

Tamales aren’t the only foods that make Texans line up outside the door. Just outside of Waco on any given day we have to make a run to the Czech Stop Bakery and devour some of these eastern European baked goods.

13. Texas toast

Texas toast reminds me of bread in Japan: double the thickness, and rarely wheat. Once you’ve had some of this as French toast (Texas French toast? French Texas toast?), you’ll never go back.

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