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The 17 Funniest Expressions in Panamanian Spanish (and How to Use Them)

by Habla Ya Spanish Schools Jun 15, 2016

1. Panamanians are never broke, they’re “clean”. (Estar limpio)

2. A Panamanian never gets a hangover, they “have glue”. (Tener goma)

3. Panamanians are never surprised or upset. Instead they simply exclaim “porkchop”! (¡Chuleta!)

4. In the US, you might “spill the tea” to share some juicy gossip, but Panamanians “throw the tape”. (Tirar cinta)

5. And when you want to ask for the latest gossip, you ask Panamanians to “tell me the uproar”. (Dime el bochinche)

6. Panamanians never make fun of you, they “blow you up”. (Te estoy reventando)

7. A Panamanian doesn’t hurry up, they “give it leather”. (¡Dale cuero!)

8. A Panamanian will never try to bullshit you or lie to you; they will, however, start “talking straws”. (Está hablando paja)

9. Panamanians don’t get cheated on, they “get burned”. (Me quemó)

10. Panamanians don’t catch a small bus, they “grab a goat”. (Agarrar una chiva)

11. A Panamanian isn’t unlucky, they are “salty”. (Está salado)

12. A Panamanian doesn’t simply drink alcohol, they “suck” alcohol. (Chupar)

13. Panamanians don’t simply party hard, they “tear off”! (Arrancarse)

14. It’s not enough to simply have done a great job, Panamanians must “throw it away” to make it worthy of praise. (La botaste)

15. Panamanians never make mistakes, they “make a shit”. (Hice una cagada)

16. A Panamanian don’t have any excuse for telling lies, not even “nuggets on their tongue” to stop them from speaking the truth. (No tiene pepitas en la lengua)

17. Panamanians won’t simply tell you ‘you suck’, they say you’re “on a boat”. (Estás en panga)

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