18 of the Dirtiest Expressions From Bulgaria

Bulgaria Student Work Languages
by Dayana Aleksandrova Nov 9, 2015

1. Vaginas don’t want fairytales. (Не ще путка приказки.)

Cut to the chase please.

2. You won’t die from dick. (От хуй се не умира.)

You’ll be fine.

3. Vaginas don’t have teeth, but they bite. (Путка зъби няма, но здраво хапе.)

You’re all words and no action.

4. His lower head is up, his upper head is broken. (Вирнал долната (глава) счупил горната.)

He doesn’t put any thought into his actions.

5. He’s going to an engagement without his dick. (Без хуй на годеж отива.)

He’s very unprepared.

6. Everyone does it (sex); the priest does, too. (Всеки дава и попадията дава.)

We’re all the same.

7. A white horse wants a nice road; a pretty woman wants a penis. (Бела кобила път иска, хубава жена хуй иска.)

Treat your spouse right.

8. The upper head is speaking wisely, but the lower isn’t listening. (Горния хубаво говори, ала долния не слуша.)

He knows what the right thing to do is, but he’s not going to do it.

9. You should have had sex with me when I had an erection. (Да си ми я давала когат’ми е ставало.)

You missed your opportunity.

10. Your ass will burn for a guy. (Да ти изгори гъзът за мъж.)

You do everything for a man.

11. Dick’s got a soul too. (И хуй душа има.)

We all have a soft side.

12. If the ass asks for it, the ass will give it to it. (Дупе да му поиска и дупе ще му даде.)

Ask and you shall receive.

13. The blind fucked the blind. (Кьоравият ебал слепия.)

We all messed up royally.

14. He aged and his hair is grey, but he never saw a black vagina. (Остаре, побеле, чърна путка не виде.)

He accomplished nothing.

15. He gives his soul but not his ass. (Душа дава, дупе не дава.)

He’s not wholeheartedly into this.

16. Peace and prosperity with your ass forward. (Мир и берекет, с гъза напред.)

I wish you success.

17. You’ve got the ass’ hole wrong. (Сбъркал си на гъзъ дупкътъ.)

You are completely wrong.

18. He’s cuddled himself like a fisherman’s dick. (Сгушил са като рибарски уй.)

He’s very timid.

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