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20 Secluded Cabins That Will Make You Feel Total Wanderlust

by C.S. Hunter Sep 5, 2016

1. Südtirol, Italy

Built on stilts in Braies Lake.

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2. Olympia, Washington

This cabin on a 10 x 10-foot base was built, completely out of recycled materials, by Jacob Witzling when he was just 23. That was 10 years ago and since then he’s gone on to build several other exquisite cabins.

3. Småland, Sweden

This earthen cabin was actually built back in the early 1800s by a man named ‘Little Jon.’ It has three stone walls, one wooden wall, and a live sod roof — which doesn’t only look cool, it’s great insulation as well. These sorts of structures were known as ‘backstugas’ and were common from the 1600s to the late 1800s. They were often built on forested land that couldn’t be farmed, between two properties. The inhabitants usually worked for the landowners.

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4. Leavenworth, Washington

This one’s built out of stone, so the necessity for masonry skills boosts the difficulty level, but the design is simple and check out those recycled skis along the top edge.

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5. Nevada City, California

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6. French Alps

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7. Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia

8. Arctic Norway

9. Hallstatt, Austria

10. Columbia River Gorge, Washington

This ‘Cinder Cone Home’ was built by a group of friends in Skamania County. Within a year, they built two treehouses, a woodburning tub and a skate bowl.

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11. Washington, Massachusetts

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12. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Just a little shelter at the Keyhole on Longs Peak.

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13. Ebenalp, Switzerland

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14. Varanger, Arctic Norway

This one was built right on the Veines Cliff.

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15. Somewhere in Iceland

The pool is actually a hot spring.

16. Somewhere in Washington, USA

17. Arlina di Castro, Italy

18. Crystal River, Colorado

19. Whistler, Canada

20. The Forbidden Corner, England


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