20 Office Moments That Make You Want to Quit and Go Travel

by Sarah Park May 28, 2013
1. When your coworker comes back from vacation and wants to show you pictures

A man throws coworker's papers on the floor(via)

2. When you thought it was Friday, but it was only Wednesday

Everything hurts and I'm dying(via)

3. When you learn that the guy on the 3rd floor who can’t spell “definitely” definitely gets paid more than you

Animated kid gives dog a baleful look(via)

4. When the CEO’s on your floor and you need to look productive

Woman types "asdf as df asdfasdf" industriously (via)

5. When you open your email after a weekend away

Tupperware falling out of a cabinet topples someone(via)

6. When you find out your new boss is younger than your little brother

Just bring me vodka(via)

7. When your tropical screensaver comes on and you can’t look away

Moon-eyed kid staring glassily(via)

8. When you find out the paid time off you’ve been saving up just expired

Person crumples to floor(via)

9. When driving to the Taco Bell across town for lunch brings you as much joy as a cross-country road trip

Two people in vehicle high five energetically (via)

10. When you can’t remember the last time your face muscles moved

Officer worker's expression never changes, at work, in car, at home(via)

11. When the boss calls a mandatory 4:30pm meeting on a Friday

A monster faints(via)

12. When the highlight of the year was that day there was free pizza in the break room

Two people look at each other and exclaim 'Pizza!'(via)

13. When, try as you might, you just don’t fit in at the office

A person tries to squeeze through a person-shaped cutout on a gameshow(via)

14. When it’s 11am and you still haven’t finished reading all 164 unread emails

A person thrusts electronics into a dumpster(via)

15. When you’re informed that, due to a clerical error, you haven’t been contributing to your 401k for the last 2 years

A person clutches wine bottle under cubicle desk(via)

16. When your morning ritual looks like this

Person cries in shower(via)

17. When you’re browsing a Facebook friend’s photo album from their trip around the world while eating Fritos at your desk

A person stands expressionless in a downpour(via)

18. When you’re tempted to volunteer for that training conference in Tulsa, just to be on a plane again

A cat flies to a business meeting(via)

19. When you accidentally DO volunteer for that training conference in Tulsa

No! God, please, no! Noooooo!(via)

20. When your boss takes off early and leaves you in charge for the rest of the day

A person in an old-timey uniform stares imperiously(via)

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