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20 Signs You Were Born and Raised in Tegucigalpa

by Joe Batruny Jan 1, 2015

1. You’ve ridden the “Kobs Express” around Christmastime.

2. You’ve clapped upon (dangerously) landing at Toncontín International Airport.

3. You go to Los Toneles or La Cueva de Miguel to eat pastelitos de perro.

4. After school, you’d head to the neighborhood pulpería to buy churros and a Coca-Cola in a bag.

5. You’ve (religiously) watched “Multicolores Pops with Carlos Arturo Matute.”

6. You can navigate a DK’D Donuts blindfolded, but have never been to Dunkin’ Donuts.

7. If you needed a school uniform, your mom would have them made at Camisería Atuan.

8. You go to mass at El San Migel — for the people-watching.

9. You’ve never seen the city during Semana Santa, because you’re busy at the beach.

10. You get takeout from Tito’s Pizza on Sundays.

11. Your typical school field trip was going skating at Patines Plaza.

12. Growing up, you went to Supermercado Mas X Menos to buy cosas gringas.

13. You think “X-0 da Dinero” is the cheesiest show ever, but still watch it.

14. You knew people who spent summer days swimming, playing tennis, or eating the quesillo empanizado at the Country Club.

15. Once upon a time, you knew music was purchased at El Palacio de la Música.

16. Your favorite radio station was Estereo Mil with Myrna María Barahona.

17. You’d eat mango verde with chili and cooking salt from a bag, procured from a street vendor in “el centro.”

18. A stop at Jack’s for iced tea and fries was mandatory on the “Rol de Las 5.”

19. If you knew someone visiting from the US, you made some requests for encargos.

20. You would call Radio Moderna para mandar un saludo to a friend.

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