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21 Images That Prove Norway Is the Most Underrated Place for Outdoor Adventure

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by Matador Creators Feb 8, 2017

Norway has a lot more to offer than its capital city of Oslo. The country’s span from north to south gives it some of the most varied terrain and wilderness in Europe. From colossal woodland and fjords to arctic tundras, Norway has everything for people wanting to explore outdoors.

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 GeirangerGeiranger, NorwayQuick photo stop.

 GeirangerGeiranger, NorwayRib boat tours are a great way to see the fjords from a different perspective. Plus their pretty fun.


 TrolltungaOdda, NorwayPicnic spot with a view.


 DalsnibbaStranda, NorwayCrazy views and cold times.


 Gullsteinsvollen – Mountain LodgeAure, NorwayHiking in the mountains in the Norwegian is a must when visiting the fjords in Norway. This Photo is taken right after we submerged out of the later of clouds.


 SentrumOslo, NorwayWe took a shrimp cruise. All you can eat traditional shrimp sandwiches.


 TrollstigenRauma, NorwayFound a perfect look out.

 TrollstigenRauma, NorwayAnother angle at Trollstigen.


 TrolltungaOdda, NorwayConvinced to do the 10 hour hike yet?

 TrolltungaOdda, NorwayI felt a bit bad talking to hikers who hiked for over 10 hours meanwhile we took a 20 minute helicopter ride. But it was pretty fun!

Jarle Bergesen

 Jarle BergesenSula, NorwayA little picnic along the way on our road trip.

Håholmen Havstuer

 Håholmen HavstuerAverøy, NorwayWe had some traditional rehydrated fish here. It’s decent! But too much is too much haha


 BrævasshyttaSogndal, NorwayThat’s one big glacier. At the bottom it had the craziest cold wind coming down from the glacier.


 LofotenSmøla, NorwayLofoten is a archipelago in northern Norway. This is a place you have to see before you die! It is not impossible to describe this landscape! Beaches, mountains, northern lights, midnight sun! Lofoten has all of it! #hiking #extreme

Smøla naturopplevelser

 Smøla naturopplevelserSmøla, NorwayAmazing Photography opportunities

 Smøla naturopplevelserSmøla, NorwayThis is something unique! You can actually rent this lighthouse!! And if you are really lucky, you can witness the northern lights dancing above you

The Atlantic Road

 The Atlantic RoadAverøy, NorwaySuch a sweet road!


 FlydalsjuvetStranda, NorwayQuick pit stop for a photo.


 DalsnibbaStranda, NorwayI love mountains and you get a lot of them in Norway.

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