Photo: Scott Sporleder

21 Images That Prove Norway Is the Most Underrated Place for Outdoor Adventure

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by Matador Creators Feb 8, 2017

Hotel Loenfjord

 Hotel LoenfjordLoen, NorwayTook a little walk around the hotel.


 LægdafossenAurland kommune, NorwayYup can’t get enough.


 KvittAurland kommune, NorwayThis is a rib boat. Super fun since they are pretty fast. It can get real bumpy too!

Kristiansund Airport

 Kristiansund Airport, KvernbergetKristiansund, NorwayIf you are a true explorer and love cold climate, you have to come to Norway wintertime and experience the magical Northern Light! Photo taken in Kristiansund, a small cozy city, west in Norway

Kjell Hjelle

 Kjell HjelleGloppen, NorwayReflections!

The fishing village of Håholmen

 The fishing village of HåholmenAverøy, NorwaySome lives here?

Pulpit Rock

 Pulpit RockStrand, NorwayMakes you feel kind of small going to places like this. Puts life into perspective.

 Pulpit RockStrand, NorwayIt’s a couple hour hike to pulpit rock but it’s one of the craziest places I’ve been. Make sure to go for sunrise so your the only one there!

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