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7 Things Everyone Who's Been to Nepal Has Lying Around Their House

by Dikson Sep 26, 2014
1. Prayer flags

Probably the most festive paraphernalia across all religions. Like deep and meaningful bunting. The movement of prayer flags with the wind at iconic temples and religious spaces across Asia plays a strong part in many recollections of the region. It just may not look quite as good hanging between your bedpost and curtain rail.

2. Those super comfortable parachute pants you wear for no longer than a week when you get home

You know the ones. They bulge towards your ankles and look a little like you crapped your pants. You ducked in and out of bars and restaurants in Thamel wearing them, you slept in them, you may have a burn mark from a shisha or cigarette / joint in them, and now you’re home and after a week or two of cruising the streets like a deflated hot-air balloon they’ve been relegated to the highest shelf in your closet, next to the incense.

3. The incense

Your senses may suffer from depression after being somewhere as stimulating as Nepal. In steps the incense sticks and cones; they form the skirting of a temporary shrine of souvenirs remembering the good times on Freak Street.

4. The Buddha

The jovial, bronze chubby fellah probably spent some time at the helm of your shrine to Nepali life. Beaming with inner peace. Now he rolls around in your desk drawer like a lonely cue ball in the gutter of a pool table.

5. A musical instrument

The singing bowl or the tablas, which one was it? I never mastered either so escaped having an ornamental pair in my bedroom. Maybe you’ve had a razz on them once or twice since but it’s probably time to think about passing them on to your musical friend.

6. Khukuri and Surya Lights

For all the smokers out there, and those with a penchant for cheap liquor.

7. Prayer beads

I was tempted to sacrilegiously buy a loop of prayer beads — the thought of it doubling as a necklace may have crossed your mind. Like a snake shedding its skin, you’ve probably relinquished this to the depths of your room. If you still bear a fondness for it, maybe it dangles from the top corner of your mirror like a beaded ninja rope.

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