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Celebrity Travel Profile: Alexa Vega

by Katka Lapelosová Oct 25, 2014
Alexa Vega can currently be seen in the film 23 Blast in theaters now, as well as the hit television series Nashville.

1. Name your favorite travel destinations. What makes them so special?

AV: My husband and I love to escape to Maui, we camp all over the island. We also love warm weather of Miami, and we have a bunch of family all over Florida. Florence, Italy was so beautiful. I’ve had to go there for work, where I literally flew into Florence for the day, but the city still took my breath away. It’s so romantic! My husband and I are obsessed with cruises as well. We are constantly taking cruises to new loctations. Our preference is in the Caribbean. It is so warm and beautiful, with such a tropical feel. I am a junkie for the sun! Some of my favorites cruise stops are the Bahamas, St. Martin and St. Thomas!.

2. What’s one thing you always pack? Something you always forget to pack?

AV: My hair stuff! I have crazy curly hair, and if I don’t pack the proper tools to contain it, I’ll look like a crazy lady the whole vacation. I always forget to pack my mini steamer, and I always need it!

3. What’s it like to travel in the film industry? Do you ever get time to explore on your own?

AV: I love traveling for films. So often we go to cities we would never visit on our own. I just wrapped a film that shot in Manistee, Michigan. I never would have explored that town had I not been shooting. It is so small! But I love being able to say I have been there. I find it hard to explore a whole lot, it always depends on the production schedule. You can explore some cities more than others. It’s the luck of the draw.

4. Where is a city, country, or place you’re dying to visit?

AV: South Africa! I really want to experience a safari. My husband and I love the outdoors, and are inspired by the Discovery Channel. It would suit us well.

5. Do you prefer traveling solo, with a friend/family member, or with a large group of people? Why?

AV: I love traveling with a large group of people. I think there is always something to do regardless of weather and time. Plus, sharing those moments with people closest to you gives you the best memories. Although, my husband and I still haven’t had our honeymoon yet because we keep inviting people on trips with us. So we have to reserve one trip just for us soon!

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