#Freebirthcontrol Until the End of February

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by C.S. Hunter Feb 15, 2017

Reproductive justice

A San Francisco start-up is offering free birth control until the end of February.
Nurx is an online birth control provider serving women with or without insurance. In order to counteract the Trump Administration’s efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the start-up is offering anyone who uses the promo code “ALTERNATIVEFACTS” at check-out a $45 credit toward the birth control of their choosing until Feb. 28th.

The Australian government announced it will fund reproductive health services for victims of humanitarian crises.
The announcement comes just weeks after President Trump signed an executive order banning international NGOs from receiving federal funding if they happen to offer abortion services as well. [Australian Broadcasting Corporation]


Penguins are disappearing from Antarctica.
The U.S. research base, which has been censusing wildlife in Antarctica for the past 43 years, believes that the population of penguins has decreased by 85 percent. The Adelie penguin depends on sea ice to survive but because of climate change, the sea ice season has become three months shorter over the past several decades. [CBS]

Texas ranchers are leading some serious conservation efforts.
Basically, Texas has a multi-billion dollar exotic wildlife industry. Ranchers are breeding endangered species like the dama gazelle and the scimitar oryx because of their economic value and therefore, causing these species’ to thrive in Texas. One luxury ranch, Wildlife Partners LLC, raised $10 million for conservation over the past eight months alone. [Austin Business Journal]

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