World's Largest Outdoor Gear Show Protests Utah

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by C.S. Hunter Feb 17, 2017


The world’s largest gear show decided to abandon Salt Lake City in protest.
The Outdoor Retailer show has been happening in SLC for nearly two decades and includes big players like REI, Patagonia and North Face. After Utah’s Gov. Gary Herbert refused to rollback his plea to President Trump to rescind the new Bears Ears National Monument, the show decided to pull out on the belief that Utah lawmakers seem to care more about drilling and mining on public lands than preserving them for outdoor recreation and conservation. [Associated Press]

There are a couple of cougars in Ottawa strolling through the suburbs and sniffing dogs.
People have been watching these cougars for a week or so in Coquitlam. They’ve been seen walking through streets and parking lots, at one point nonviolently sniffing a dog that was standing near its owner — but they’ve yet to attack anyone. Conservation officers have set a trap and plan to study the cougars’ odd behavior before making a decision on whether or not to release them elsewhere or ‘destroy them.’ [Ottawa Citizen]

The lives of immigrants

Migrants would rather get arrested in Canada than remain in the United States.
Canadian officials are reporting a sharp increase in the amount of people arriving illegally — since President Trump’s election, almost 1,500 people have arrived in the Quebec province alone seeking asylum. Many are crossing in Champlain, NY. They are nonviolently detained at the border and are held in custody for no more than 24 hours. When it is decided that they are not a threat to national security, the immigration process begins. [NPR]

It’s unclear whether or not the White House will deploy 100,000 National Guard troops to round up undocumented immigrants.
The Associated Press released an 11-page draft memo from the White House that suggested National Guard troops would be used for immigration raids, however, White House press secretary Sean Spicer claimed later this was ‘100 percent not true.’ [The Guardian]

The Travel Ban

President Trump has plans to replace his blocked Travel Ban.
President Trump’s Travel Ban has been blocked in the federal courts on the basis that it is unconstitutional. However, he announced yesterday that an executive order would be signed next week replacing it. No other details were given on what the executive action would actually entail. [NPR]

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