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You Don't Know the Real Detroit Unless...

by Nicole Sunderland Aug 26, 2016

1. Euchre is your card game of choice – despite the fact that there are now casinos here, you would rather lose $75 bucks in your own basement with your friends drinking a Rock and Rye and whisky.

2. You’ve accepted the Woodward Dream Cruise as part of your yearly activity schedule – you get ready every year by working on your dad’s 1963 Mach 1 Mustang to get it show ready.

3. You understand that the first sign of summer is that the bars get kegs of Oberon to serve.

4. You spend weekends at the Magic Stick listening to bands before they hit it big.

5. You’ve rode your bike down the Dequindre Cut and admired the old railway that it replaced.

6. Spending Saturday mornings picking up fresh produce and browsing the local vendors in Eastern Market is a weekly activity – because everyone loves local grown heirloom tomatoes with a side of beautiful murals painted through the streets.

7. You know that our favorite drink Vernors cures colds because that one time you were sick someone’s mom popped open a bottle for you and you felt better afterwards.

8. You understand that we are die-hard fans of the Lions – even through all the losses and Thanksgiving Day game heartbreaks, your friend’s dad still throws the apple pie at the TV frustrated because he thought THIS was the year things turned around.

9. You’ve spent an afternoon walking through the mounds of random shoes and kids toys turned into art at the Heidelberg Project.

10. You know there is a Disneyland here .. although not affiliated with Disney, still a place worth going.

11. Sanders has made you a delicious cream puff to eat and your mom spent every summer trying to re-create it.

12. You know about Black Bottom.

13. Your fridge is stocked with Rock & Rye.

14. You’ve done something other than eat, drink, gamble, or tailgate in the city.

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