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You Know You're a Local in California When

by Hana Nobel Dec 15, 2016

1. It’s not weird to have a breakfast burrito and then a burrito for lunch or dinner a few hours later.

2. You think it’s normal that you can go to the beach and go skiing in the same day.

3. In-N-Out Burger isn’t a magical place you’ve only heard about, it’s somewhere that you went a lot growing up.

4. You understand what it means when someone says, “The 101” “The 405” “The PCH” or “The 1”.

5. You think you should be able to get avocados all year round. Doesn’t everyone?

6. “Winter” means it’s in the low 60’s. And when it hits the 50’s you put on your heaviest jacket.

7. You’re so used to movies being filmed that now it’s less exciting and more irritating since it causes traffic and detours.

8. You may have a fireplace, but you’ve never actually used it.

9. Earthquake drills were a part of your childhood.

10. You remember Arnold Schwarzenegger being governor.

11. You’re always dealing with a drought warning and having to remember which day you can water your lawn.

12. Not sitting in traffic is more surprising than sitting in traffic.

13. You wear shoes less often than your friends from other states.

14. You skateboard or have tried to skateboard or have dated a skateboarder.

15. You thought weed was legal already.

16. You know what “Hella” means.

17. You grew up with a citrus tree in your year and don’t understand why your friends from the East Coast think that’s so cool.

18. You’re used to driving long distances to get to other states…and cities within your state.

19. Someone you grew up with is an actor, even if they’re not famous-yet.

20. You know Disneyworld is bigger, but Disneyland will always feel more like home.

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