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Travelers Beware! This Is How Little It Takes to Get Thrown Off a Plane

by Morgane Croissant May 28, 2015


Remember the drunken woman who attacked a crew member with her prosthetic leg on a flight to Edinburgh? Well, she had it coming. French actor Gerard Depardieu also got his due when he was thrown out of an airplane because he urinated in the aisle after being refused access to the bathroom before take off.

There’s no excuse for that kind of behaviour.

But when an 7-month pregnant woman gets kicked off an airplane because her toddler is crying, something does not seem quite right.

That’s what happen to Sarah Blackwood, member of the popular Canadian band Walk Off The Earth, on Wednesday.

While getting ready to fly from San Francisco to Vancouver, Blackwood’s 22-month old son, Giorgio, was upset. Blackwood was asked three times by one of the flight attendants to “control” her crying child, but, even though her son eventually fell asleep, the plane left the runway where it was taxiing and went back to the airport. Blackwood and her nanny were then escorted out of the airplane.

Her crying son was apparently causing “safety concerns”.

Many people have taken to write on United’s Facebook page to condemn what happened. Paul William Moore, a passengers who was sitting two rows behind Blackwood when the scene took place, is one of them. He explains: “Everyone on that flight was shocked at how unprofessional, unreasonable and insensitive a certain member of your staff acted!”

Travelers, especially those of you who fly with their little ones, you’ve been warned. It takes much less than a fake-leg attack to alter your travel plans.

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