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Travelers: Karen Bryan Wants to Help You Save Money

by Lola (Akinmade) Åkerström Aug 24, 2011
It seems to me there is no shortage of travel blogs touting how to save money and find the cheapest deals while on the road.

Heck, we’ve even written a very popular How to Travel the World for Free piece here on Matador.

In an industry where e-books and other resources seem to sell get-rich-quick-while-traveling-for-free schemes, there are a few lone voices of pure reason that come from time and experience, and Karen Bryan’s is certainly one of them. I’ve met Karen in person a couple times and I’ve had lengthy insightful conversations with her.

In a few short years, Karen has managed to build a successful travel resource called Europe a la Carte which shares straightforward practical tips on what to see, do, enjoy, and experience in various European cities. Her new venture, Help Me To Save, aims to help you save money by showing you how to live a frugal yet good life through practical examples.

The goal of the website goes beyond just showing you ways of saving as a traveler, but also in various everyday situations like grocery shopping, debt reduction, and other financial scenarios.

According to Bryan:

Help Me to Save is here to show you that it is possible to save more while still living an enjoyable life.

I’m not a financial adviser but if you know your priorities, set your budget and stay focused, Help Me to Save can help you be frugal, save more and work toward the life you want now and in the future.

I’ll be giving you real life examples of how you can make this happen, based on my own experience and research.

From what I’ve gathered so far while perusing through her site, each tip is actually backed by real life experiences she has had and she highlights how she was able to handle each situation and save.

With topics like “When I’m Cleaning Windows“, “How a Phone Call Saved Me £48 on Home Insurance“, and “What’s Your Attitude to Debt?“, I get the feeling Karen isn’t sugar coating anything on her site just to get traffic, but rather, ensuring that we all keep a healthy dose of financial realism as we all pursue our various dreams and passions. 

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