For Valentine's Day, Here Are Some of the Strangest Aphrodisiacs From Around the World

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by Matador Creators Feb 12, 2016

PEOPLE DO SOME WEIRD STUFF to get themselves in the mood. For most of us, it’s just a deeply embarrassing pep talk in the bathroom mirror. But for others, it means preparing certain foods and concoctions that will, supposedly, get you going. And the range of stuff people assume work as aphrodisiacs is truly incredible: from the clearly-nonsense (like Green M&M’s) to the literally catastrophic (rhinoceros horns, which is one of the causes of rhino poaching) to the downright weird (like baboon urine).

The people at put together this infographic of some of the weirdest aphrodisiacs around the world. Give it a read and give some of them a try. Or maybe don’t.


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