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WTF Is It About Those Cats, LOL!

by Leigh Shulman Feb 22, 2010
Cats, cats, cats. You may hate them, you may love them, but put one on your website and you’ll find yourself an internet, social media favorite faster than you can cough up a hairball. Ack!

My five-year-old daughter Lila spends a decent amount of her time on YouTube.
She loves hopping from video to video, and I always get a kick out of her favorites. The overweening appeal of cats — and the effect they can have on a blog or website — dawned on me this weekend when she found The Mean Kitty Song.

Over thirty one millions hits. Yes, you read that right. Thirty. One. Million. Hits.

It’s a cute video, and even taking into account the number of small children who, like Lila, will view this thing 30 times a day if left to their own devices, that’s still a lot of people watching a cute little tabby cat in action.

The adorable spiky haired guy singing? I can’t help wondering how many times he got laid because this video.

But it doesn’t stop there….

This video of a cat freaking out also holds its own as far as Youtube views with well over 9 million views.

Why is this poor thing acting this way? According to the video notes, she’s never been abused, she just doesn’t like men.

And finally, this next video of an orange feline clocks in at over 2 million views.

I suppose I’d also be somewhat miffed if someone named me Burger and Fries.

The Magical Allure of Kitty Cat Cuteness

Beyond Youtube, you’ll find a proliferation of funny and popular cat websites like which features the ever famous cat in a fruit helmet photo. There’s also apparently written by cats for cats. It even has a Cat-To-Cat advice column offering tips on everything from how to keep your human from dressing you up in costumes to methods of coping when your person comes home smelling of other cats.

Even the most hardened human cannot resist a pissed off cat dressed as a taco, two cats talking or yet another cat in citrus head gear, this time with wayfarer animation.

How do we harness the all powerful attraction of cats for our own websites and projects? I’ll let you know when I figure it out. In the meantime, hang in there!


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