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The 21 Funniest Expressions in Chilean Spanish (and How to Use Them)

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by Nicolás Vergara Sep 16, 2015


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1. A Chilean doesn’t get drunk…he “goes on top of the ball.” (Estar arriba de la pelota.)


2. A Chilean doesn’t leave in a rush… he “tightens his butt cheeks.” (Apretar cachete.)


3. A Chilean doesn’t tell you that you are in a bad mood… she says, “You have bad fleas.” (Tiene malas pulgas.)


4. A Chilean isn’t out of money… she’s “duck.” (Estoy pato.)


5. A Chilean is not about to die… he’s “requested.” (Estar pedido.)


6. A Chilean is not told to mind his own business… she is told to “Look how far the peanut jumped.” (Salto lejos el mani.)


7. A Chilean doesn’t try to steal someone else’s partner… He “is pinching his/her grape.” (Pellizcar la uva.)


8. A Chilean doesn’t make a bold statement… “He gets his butt soaked.” (Mojar el potito.)


9. A Chilean man doesn’t go on a sex drought… “He is with the lottery accumulated.” (Andar con el kino acumulado.)


10. A Chilean man doesn’t have a controlling partner…she has a “hand that squeezes.” (La mano que aprieta.)


11. A Chilean doesn’t say he loves a dish, …instead he says it was “to lick his moustache.” (Chuparse los bigotes.)


12. A Chilean doesn’t call you moron… she calls you “as dumb as a door.” (Más tonto que una puerta.)


13. A Chilean doesn’t fall into a trap…she “steps on a stick.” (Pisar el palo.)


14. A Chilean doesn’t chicken out…He “throws his butt to the blackberry bush.” (Echar el poto para las moras.)


15. A Chilean doesn’t have an erectile dysfunction… he has an “umbrella’s handle.” (Cacho paraguas.)


16. A Chilean who doesn’t pay his bill on purpose… is a “dead dog.” (Perro muerto.)


17. A Chilean doesn’t try to steal his boss’s job… he “saws his floor.” (Aserruchar el piso.)


18. A Chilean doesn’t make fun of someone… she “gets someone on a swing.” (Subir al columpio.)


19. A Chilean doesn’t complain when something is hard… he moans that something “is hairy.” (Peludo.)


20. A Chilean doesn’t say that something is very good… she says, “It’s fillet.” (Esta filete.)


21. A Chilean could say, friend, mate, dude, bro, bloke, pal, fella, stupid, dumb, bastard, idiot, slacker, wanker or douchebag…but instead he just says ”Weón.”

This article was originally published on March 9, 2015. 

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