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The Dark Side of Sacrifice: The Truth About My Life as a Travel Blogger

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by Rachel Travels Mar 2, 2015

I WAS TALKING to a friend about the not-so-pretty side of quitting a life of consistency to travel full-time. It has its amazing awards and benefits, and it certainly has its inconveniences.

While I encourage any and everyone to follow their passions and pursue what they love, I would like you to consider all angles and perspectives before you take the “big leap.”

I absolutely love what I do and how I am doing it, but it is not always as glamorous as it seems on Instagram and Facebook. Puh-leeze do not be deceived.

This is the truth about my life as a travel blogger.


If you know me personally, you know that I am a holistic hippie at heart. Most of the products I use or consume, I try to keep as wholesome, organic, and natural as possible. While I rarely get sick, if I do come down with something (cold, stomach ache, etc.), I typically treat it myself through a massive concoction of fruits, veggies, teas, herbs, exercise, and rest.

Recently, I got a minor infection that would have taken longer to treat on my own versus taking an antibiotic. I opted for the antibiotic for faster treatment because I was traveling within the next few days. After HOURS of waiting at a walk-in clinic, to be seen for 20 minutes, just to get my prescription — I was finally out of what felt like solitary confinement and a whopping $110.

When I was in Corporate America, I worked for the world’s #1 healthcare brand. I received amazing health insurance. Hell — there were clinics in all of the offices! Not feeling so well that day? Simple — go down to the office clinic, get your vitals checked, have the prescription sent to your preferred pharmacy and you’re good to go. And now that I think about it, I paid maybe $20/mo for A+++ health insurance. Now I no longer have the luxury of having a primary care physician or an office clinic. Until I get health insurance, (don’t get me started on my opinion of ObamaCare), I must rely on walk-in clinics and long waits.


I love writing on Rachel Travels. Unfortunately, I do not currently generate enough income from blogging to sustain a lifestyle I am accustomed to living. So I have to hustle. I have had to pick up a part-time job (thank you JESUS it is remote), take on freelancing, consulting, and paid blogging gigs. It is not easy adjusting to an inconsistent and ever changing income when I’m used to a bi-weekly Bank of America direct deposit alert.

Dating and relationships

This one is a doozy.

Plain and simple, it is really challenging to grow, build, and nurture a romantic relationship with so much travel. The same can be said for friendships. When I was traveling in SE Asia, so many of my friends wanted to catch up on day-to-day events and stories. Sadly, I could not. It was so difficult with slow, choppy Internet and 8-12 hour time differences.

I’ve dated guys who think my travel lifestyle is super cool and cute at first and who want to be my “penpal,” until they realize my way of living is a damn haze, takes lots of work, and even more patience. Like the age-old story — they fall off. This has happened more times than I care to discuss — but I get it. The ‘ish takes work.

Obviously this will not be my life forever, but it can put a strain on things. Luckily, I have really amazing and supportive family and friends who understand this about my life, and work with me on communicating consistently with them. It takes work, but anything worth having does, right?!


I am damn near homeless.

There is no real place to call my own. Every few weeks, I am bopping around and staying somewhere else. Whether it is Orlando, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, or DC, I am constantly on the go. Initially, it was so much fun hopping around and spending time with family and friends all over, but it gets really exhausting. You know that feeling of coming home after a long day at work, taking a nice bubble bath, and getting in YOUR bed?! Yeah. I do not have that luxury anymore.

Sure, I can stay at my parents’ house in my old room, but when you have lived on your own for years it can be really tough going back. My parents are lovely folks, and they’re my best friends, so it’s cool hanging with them. And I can’t forget my dog-brother Frank, but I miss my cozy little apartment in Philadelphia sometimes.

The truth about my life as a travel blogger

I am constantly driving home the point not to compare yourself with others. While the decision I made to quit my job and travel has been amazing, there are some aspects that most of you do not see. Before considering any drastic changes to your life like this one, again, consider all perspectives. If you are a sickly person, what will you do about maintaining your health? If you are in a long-term, committed relationship, are you willing to fight to keep it together? Do you have a home base? Are you okay with not having stability?

Ask yourself these questions before the big jump!

Until then — journey on,

Rachel Travels.

This post was originally published on Rachel Travels, and has been re-published here with permission.

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