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The Funniest Expressions Ecuadorians Use

Ecuador Languages
by Jess López Jun 22, 2015
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1. Ecuadorians don’t work… they “camel” (camellan)

2. Ecuadorians don’t fall in love… They are victims of a lie (se engrupen).

3. And an Ecuadorian is not in a committed relationship with somebody… He or she is tied up or chained (amarrado).

4. Ecuadorians don’t just experience a hangover… They suffer a chuchaqui.

5. Ecuadorians are not afraid… They “egg” (se ahuevan).

6. Ecuadorians don’t talk nonsense… They talk a “nest of eggs” (puras huevadas).

7. Ecuadorians don’t mock you constantly… They “egg” you hard time or they “treat you like a frog” (te huevean durazo o te batracean).

8. Ecuadorians don’t just enjoy an experience… They make a trip (se tripean).

9. Ecuadorians don’t understand things… They “catch” things.

10. Ecuadorians don’t draw attention to themselves… They are lamps.

11. Ecuadorians don’t refer to random people as “the girl” or “the boy”… They say “el-man” for males and “la-man” for females.

12. Ecuadorians don’t seduce you… They “throw the dogs at you”.

13. Ecuadorians don’t flatter you… They “give you glibness” or “bespeak you” (te meten labia o te palabrean).

14. Ecuadorians don’t make an effort… They “smash down their own mother” (se sacan la madre).

15. Ecuadorians don’t get mad… They get “like a goat” or “like a whore” (se cabrean o se emputan).

16. Ecuadorians won’t use their friends’ first names… They will just call everyone “mijin”.

17. Ecuadorians are not paying attention… They get “eleven” or they are “a fly” (se ponen once o están mosca).

18. Ecuadorians don’t have bad luck… They are “salty” (están salados).

19. Ecuadorians are not cheated by someone… Someone “sees their nuts” (Le ven la cara de cojudo o también le ven las huevas).

20. Ecuadorians don’t go to a party. They go to a farrón.

21. Ecuadorian kids don’t skip school. They “give themselves pears”.

22. For an Ecuadorian, you are not young or immature. You are a brat with mucus.

23. Ecuadorians don’t buy food from street vendors. They go to “a little crouch” (agachadito)

24. Ecuadorians don’t get drunk. They “make plastic bags out of themselves” (se hacen funda).

25. Ecuadorians are not tired. They can’t pull any longer (Ya no jala).

26. For Ecuadorians, it’s not “all good” or “cool” or “OK”. It’s “fresh”.

27. Ecuadorians are not unfaithful to their partners. They “put horns” on their significant other.

28. Ecuadorians don’t just have friends… They have “bros” and comrades (panas).

29. An Ecuadorian with lots of money is not a rich person. He or she is “childish” or a “wig wearer” (aniñado o pelucón).

30. Ecuadorians are not impertinent. They are wooden-faced (car’e-tuco).

31. Ecuadorians don’t hitchhike or ask for a ride. They pull-finger.

32. Ecuadorians don’t make a fool of themselves. They make a seal of themselves (hace la foca).

33. An Ecuadorian is not a miserly person. He or she is an elbow.

34. Ecuadorians don’t help you or go with you somewhere. They “acolyte” you.

35. Ecuadorians don’t have girlfriends or boyfriends. They have a “bald one”: pelada or pelado.

36. Ecuadorians don’t give you a kiss… They give you a mucha.

37. Ecuadorians are not bad drivers. They are shrimps.

38. An Ecuadorian doesn’t die. He or she stretches the leg.

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