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Get Your Pen Moving: COMING HOME

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by Teresa Ponikvar Jul 6, 2009

You blew us away with your food stories last week–gross, delicious, bizarre, down-home, and everything in between–and now it’s Monday again, and time for another prompt.

If you’re new to the Traveler’s Notebook, here’s the deal: every other Monday, we throw out a topic or prompt to help you get your pen moving (or your keyboard clicking, if that’s more your style). You send us whatever you come up with–a meditation, a story, a list, a review, a haiku, no limitations on form–and the following Monday, we post our favorite lines, paragraphs, observations, and turns of phrase so you can check out your fellow Matadorians’ work.

This week’s topic is “coming home.”

Feel free to interpret the topic in any way that inspires you: your homecoming or someone (something?) else’s? “Home” as a house, a town, a country, or a state of mind, a river, a person, a bike? A relief at the end of a long journey, or a painful necessity? Run with it!

Paste your writing (up to 250 words) in the body of your email, along with your Matador community page url. Please put “COMING HOME” in the subject line and send to

We look forward to reading your words!

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