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by Joshywashington Jul 8, 2010
Welcome MatadorTV’s latest travel video ninjas. These travelers stand out as skillful narrators who deliver fun videos. This weeks ninjas are Captain and Clark.

Captain and Clark

Not only do Captain and Clark shoot great footage, the casual and informative narrative kicks booty. Captain and Clark are travel video ninjas to be watched!



Freelancing in Tokyo, wandering neighborhoods vlogging and helping create online travel video community on YouTube are all in a days work for Philip Cotsford aka ToLokyo.

Kim Mance

Kim Mance of Go & TBEX creates professional, adventurous and inspiring travel videos, making her a travel video ninja of the highest order.

Cailin O’Neil

Cailin O’Neil is cranking out vids and collaborating with the likes of Candice Walsh. Sounds like a ninja to me!

Sierra Anderson

From starting her own travel internship to documenting the commercial fishing world, Sierra is a true ninja.

Ryan Commons

Beautiful, deliberate mountain top videos set Ryan apart from the fold. Follow his alpine explorations and enjoy the climb.


Do you know a Travel Video Ninja? Might you be Ninja? Email josh(at) to suggests travelers that you think MatadorTV will like.

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