EACH WEEK WE CHOOSE OUR favorite images from readers, fans, and travelers, who tag their photos with #travelstoke and post them on our Instagram account. These pictures provide a daily dose of incentive, and challenge us to photograph the world in innovative ways. Here are this week’s editors’ picks of people finding some serious #travelstoke.

1. Lucas Lessa and Kelly Vidal, Old Havana, Cuba.

2. Oscar Toledo, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.

( Adventure Time )

Una foto publicada por Oscar Toledo (@os.toledo) el

3. Nathan Bruhl, New Zealand.

Shoutout to my $30 Aldi boots for getting me here.

Una foto publicada por Nathan Bruhl (@bruhlay) el

4. Yulia Denisyuk, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

5. Kristen, Grandeur Peak, California.

6. Max Rive, Lofoten, Norway.

7. Zeb Goodman, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

ZzZooOmMm! 🏁

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8. Sean Carr, Winter Park, Colorado.

@brettbrooner doing his fancy stance for the camera out in Colorado.

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