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The World's Best Spots for a Same-Sex Wedding

by Eva Holland Nov 5, 2008

Okay, so you’ve probably heard by now that Proposition 8 passed last night in California, banning same-sex marriage in the state.

It’s a major setback, especially coming in a place with as liberal a reputation as Cali.

So what’s a pair of lovelorn guys or gals to do?

Well, to start, I suppose there are some further legal steps to be taken. I’m none too well-versed in Californian constitution law, but I’m sure the state’s gay rights movement doesn’t plan to give up the fight.

And beyond that? Well, a destination wedding, of course!

Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa legalized same-sex marriage in November 2006. So where better to head for an overseas wedding than the country’s capital of culture, beautiful Cape Town?

While you’re in town, be sure to stop by Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela spent years imprisoned under the apartheid government, and contemplate the hope and possibility that this spot and its story represent.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This Dutch city was the first place in the world to see a legal same-sex marriage take place, way back in April 2001.

Looking to party on your honeymoon? You can certainly do that here. Art? History? Architecture? Check, check and check. Amsterdam has it all.

Vancouver, Canada

Canada’s hippest West Coast city was already a popular destination for gay travelers long before same-sex marriage was legalized across Canada in June 2005.

This is your spot for an active honeymoon: whether you like to ski, snowboard, surf, hike, or hit the open water, Van City has something for you.

Ibiza, Spain

Spain surprised many people when it legalized same-sex marriage in 2005. After all, this Mediterranean country was a one-time Catholic heartland.

Well, the Pope may not have been thrilled, but gay-destination-wedding-planners everywhere should be: Spain is one of the only warm-weather countries to have made the move! Head to Ibiza, one of the world’s greatest party islands, for unbridled hedonism on the beach.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Don’t want the hassle of an overseas wedding? Head to this classic Massachusetts seaside spot for saltwater taffy and summer nuptial fun.

Massachusetts was the first state to legalize gay marriage, in 2004. More importantly, the state made it legal for out-of-staters to join in just this past summer, in July 2008.

Bergen, Norway

Beginning in 2009, same-sex marriage will be legal in Norway. Celebrate the change – and your wedding! – by heading to hauntingly beautiful, fjord-bound Bergen. Pack warm clothes.

Cape Town photo by DanieVDM (Creative Commons)
Amsterdam photo by huees (Creative Commons)
Vancouver photo by jonrawlinson (Creative Commons)
Ibiza photo by ST33VO (Creative Commons)
Cape Cod photo by roytsaplinjr (Creative Commons)
Bergen photo by mozzercork (Creative Commons)

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