You're Invited: Matador to Host Free Interactive Events in Toronto and Ottawa

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by David Miller May 15, 2013
In the days leading up to and following TBEX, Matador is hosting two next-generation travel journalism interactives featuring Matador’s Senior Editor and MatadorU’s Dean of Education. Be there.

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Talk and Rock: Toronto – Beyond blogging: Creating award-winning travel stories

If you happen to be in town before TBEX, on Wednesday May 29th at 6 PM, we’ll be hosting a next generation interactive on travel journalism and digital storytelling. The event is free, but space is limited; please RSVP by clicking the banner to the right. The event takes place at Hostelling International Toronto, 76 Church Street.

Join co-presenter Josh Johnson (Dean of Education at MatadorU) and I for an evening on how journalism empowers travelers, leading to richer, more purposeful travel, and new career possibilities. Picking up where we left off from Matador’s recent event with Tumblr in New York, this is not just a night of “presentations” but an interactive event. We’ll be working together to envision new paradigms for digital storytelling and identify how this informs our “missions” as travelers.


  • How journalism makes your travels EPIC – The “new media revolution” is a term thrown around a lot, but what does this really mean for you as a traveler, writer, or visual storyteller? Using case studies of travelers pushing new limits in storytelling, we’ll outline simple ways you can progress from casual blogging / journaling / photography to award-winning projects.
  • Travel storytelling as art – Whether you’re producing media for commercial clients or undertaking your own original storytelling missions, how do you stay true to your own artistic vision? We look at travel storytelling as an art form, universal across cultures and languages, and explore how we work as modern storytellers, no matter what the audience.
Talk and Rock: Ottawa – Beyond blogging: Creating award-winning travel stories

RSVP, please click here or on banner.

If you’re unable to make the interactive in Toronto, we’ll be presenting again in Ottawa on Monday June 3rd. The space is awesome: Hostelling International’s “Jail Hostel” 75 Nicholas St., Ottawa. Please RSVP by clicking the banner to the right for more information.

Again, this isn’t just presentations but a group discussion on how we travel, and what we can do to make our “missions” as journalists and storytellers more engaged and instructive.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Bring some fuego.

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