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10 Things the Brits Can Be Proud Of

United Kingdom
by Anna Clancy-Stride Jun 22, 2017

1. Pubs

There is nothing like old dingy wooden spaces with rustic fireplaces and a strong stench of ale. Other countries have tried to recreate this classic and unnervingly cozy social space, but they just can’t capture the elusive magic of the traditional British pub.

2. Our obsessional love of queuing

Take the Wimbledon tennis championship queue as an example. Come rain or shine, you’ll see rows of Brits neatly lined up, snaking through the neighboring streets in a polite and ordinary fashion.

There’s purpose, order, and a system. What’s not to love?

3. The cuppa

There’s nothing better than sitting down at the kitchen table with a warm “cuppa” tea to help you solve all life’s problems. As one of the world’s greatest tea consumers of all time, on average us, Brits each drink 3 ½ cups a day — with a Yorkshire brew recently voted as the nation’s favorite.

We should be proud of our devotion to all things tea, and the many customs and traditions that we’ve built around it; from high tea to afternoon tea, from tea gardens for our tea breaks and tea cakes.

4. Our sweet tooth

While there are other chocolatiers on the globe, we think the rest of the world can learn a thing or two from Birmingham’s Mr. Cadbury.

Less sugary than US rival Hershey’s, Cadbury’s array of milky goodness is something to be adored, much less admired; with Dairy Milk, the bitesize Buttons, the Honeycomb Crunch, the Mini eggs, the flakey twirl, and chewy Curly Wurly. Delicious.

*Be Warned. The Cadbury’s found in some other nations, for example in the US, is not the same Cadbury’s found in Britain — but a version modified to resemble the chocolate in other markets. It’s a big trick, and frankly not as good as the real deal.

5. Our tolerance of poor weather

Whilst 15°C means that most of the world is still sporting a scarf, we Brits aren’t afraid of using our “beer jacket” and donning a mini-dress in the snow, sleet, and rain.

We may let the weather dominate our small-talk, but we certainly won’t let it spoil our fun — or our Saturday night outfits for that matter.

6. We invented much of the Internet

Unknown to many, the University of Southampton’s Sir Tim Burners-Lee invented the World Wide Web.

Although progress towards the invention of the internet had been well underway across other parts of the world, Tim was the one to fit the puzzle pieces together and is widely credited as the inventor that changed the way many of us live forever.

7. Harry Potter

400 million copies, 8 blockbusters, and now a West End Show, Potter and his pals have made fantasy fiction fashionable again.

Once a single mother living on welfare, JK Rowling is now richer than the Queen of England — and it’s no wonder with part of humanity self-identifying as Potter-maniacs.

8. Keeping calm and carrying on

The slogan “Keep Calm and Carry On’ was displayed on motivational posters during World War II — and to this day the nation has epitomized those words. So much so that a man was recently seen running from the London Bridge terror attack with a pint in hand. Enough said.

9. Pimms

Pimms is recognized nationwide as a symbol of summer — there are no beverages as quintessentially British as Pimms and lemonade, enticingly decorated with freshly picked fruit and sprigs of mint. What could be more refreshing on a balmy Summer’s day?

10. Our music

From the Beatles to Queen, to The Spice Girls, our thriving music industry has dominated the pop scene worldwide for decades — and is still very much alive and kicking with Adele and Ed Sheeran taking the world by a storm. For such a small country, we have our fair share of creative talent we can call our own.

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