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10 Ways to Make Your Bartender Hate Your Bachelor Party

by Melissa Allen Nov 6, 2017

Fellas, we know you’ve been dreaming of this day since you were little boys, so help us help you by staying on our good side. Who wants shots?

1. Trying to involve the bar staff in your weird bachelor party truth or dare.

You are a group of adult men. If you want to play games for a bachelor party, go play laser tag or paintball. There’s nothing like reliving those middle school glory years to encourage male bonding.

2. Any sort of group costume.

This isn’t Halloween. Keep it classy-ish, boys.

3. Being generally obnoxious.

A bachelor party isn’t a license to act like a teenage dirtbag. Be respectful of the bar, and the bar will get you drunk, responsibly.

4. Making the groom-to-be pay.

Think of the open bar at the wedding as a return on your investment.

5. Paying for each drink separately.

The faster you pay, the faster we can get you drunk. Just Venmo each other, people.

6. Creeping on the staff.

Your server is being polite. Don’t ask her to meet up with a group of strange men after her shift just to show you still got it.

7. Forcing the groom into shots.

This is your friend’s bachelor party, not yours. Don’t force it. If the groom-to-be just wants to nurse beers all night and chat with his buddies, let him.

8. Pawning off bachelor party novelty merch on us.

Just because the groom’s cousin from Topeka didn’t make the party, doesn’t mean the barback wants his “groom squad” t-shirt.

9. Sneaking drinks to the groom’s underage brother.

We don’t want to be assholes, but we will kick you out if we must.

10. Having the bachelor party the day before the wedding.

We don’t want to be responsible for puffy eyes, bloated tummies, and red, blotchy faces in all your wedding photos. Give yourselves a few weeks to recover.

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