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The 15 Weirdest Icelandic Expressions and How to Use Them

Iceland Languages
by KT Browne Mar 2, 2018

1. Icelanders don’t tell you to “just get on with it” … they say “on with the butter!” (Áfram með smjörið)

2. Icelanders don’t say “I have no idea what you’re talking about”… they say “I come completely from the mountains” (Ég kem alveg af fjöllum)

3. Icelanders don’t say “that was a surprise”… they say “that’s a raisin at the end of the hot dog!” (Það er rúsínan í pylsuendanum)

4. Icelanders don’t say “things will fall into place”… they say “it all comes with the cold water!” (Kemur Allt Með Kalda Vatninu)

5. Icelanders don’t say “you better do the job right”… they say “no mitten-grabbing.” (Nú duga engin vettlingatök)

6. Icelanders don’t say “I will f*** you up”… they say “I will find you on a beach.” (Ég mun finna þig í fjöru)

7. Icelanders don’t say “toughen up”… they say “bite the molar!” (Bíta á jaxlinn)

8. Icelanders don’t say “the weather looks nice from inside but it’s actually kind of gross and rainy and cold”… they say “we’ve got some fine window weather today!” (Gluggaveður)

9/ Icelanders don’t say “you’re totally flirting!”… they say “you’re totally giving under the foot!” (Gefa undir fótinn)

10. Icelanders don’t say “you’re cute af”… they say “you’re an absolute butt!” (Algjört rassgat)

11. Icelanders don’t say “you’re on the wrong track”… they say “you’re on the wrong shelf in life.” (Hann er á rangri hillu í lífinu)

12. Icelanders don’t say “he’s sick”… they say “he doesn’t walk whole to the forest.” (Hann gengur ekki heill til skógar)

13. Icelanders don’t say “I can’t believe that just happened!”… they say “there are many wonders in a cow’s head.” (Það eru margar undur í höfuðkúpu)

14. Icelanders don’t say “you’ve got anger issues”… they say “you’re jumping onto your own nose!” (Að stökkva upp á nef sér)

15. Icelanders don’t say “you’re a bore”… they say “you are such a latte-drinking wool scarf.” (Þú ert nú meiri lattelepjandi lopatrefillinn)

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