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20 Dirtiest Expressions in Russian (and How Not to Use Them)

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by Diana Mirsaeva Feb 22, 2018

The result of a curious research of Language Sciences shows that the mastery of slurs and taboo words actually signifies the richness of vocabulary and mental flexibility. Thus, we can definitely call Russian thugs nearly the smartest people in the world as we have a look at these 20 dirtiest expressions in Russian. Be prudent enough not to use them in polite society!

1. Russians don’t just say “Damn!”… instead, they say “Let the horse fuck it!” (Ебать его конем!) [Yebat’ yego konem!].

2. Russians don’t say “I need to use a bathroom”… they proclaim “I need to pour out” (Надо отлить) [Nado otlit’].

3. When Russians try to convince you that they’re telling you the truth, they say “Fuck me in my mouth!” (…if I’m lying) (Ебать меня в рот!) [Yebat’ menya v rot!].

4. When Russians say “Go to the dick!”… they actually mean simply “Get away from me!” (Иди на хуй!) [Idi na khuy!].

5. If speaking of a young lady, a low-life might call her (shudder) “a freshly-salted cunt” (Пизда малосольная) [Pizda malosol’naya].

6. When a Russian is completely exhausted, they might say, “You can even bang me in my ass!” (Самого хоть в жопу) [Samogo khot’ v zhopu].

7. In the same manner, after a tiring working day, a charming person might say, “I’ve bonked myself till death” (Уебался вусмерть) [Uyebalsya vusmert’].

8. Russians don’t call someone clumsy… they describe them as a “walrus’s cock” (Хуй моржовый) [morzhoviy].

9. When a woman sits with her legs crossed, a Russian yob might say “she is sitting with a pinched twat” (Пизду прищимивши) [Pizdu prishchimivshi].

10. Russians don’t say you’re lounging about… they say you’re “shaking a pear tree with your shlong” (Хуем груши околачивать) [Khuyem grushi okolachivat’].

11. When Russian low-lives need to think something over, they need to “place a pisser against a nose” (Хуй к носу прикинуть) [Khuy k nosu prikinut’].

12. It happens rarely, but when a Russian finds themselves in an odd situation, they say, “Only a dick knows what happens” (Хуй знает что) [Khuy znayet chto].

13. And when facing something weird or unexplainable, they may say it’s a “bonking power!” (Ебическая сила!) [Yebicheskaya sila].

14. If something is equal, its “cockual”/“dickual” (Однохуйственно) [Odnokhuystvenno].

15. If a Russian wants to harshly refuse you of something, they’d say “put a boner into your mouth/asshole” (Хуй в рот/жопу) [Khuy v rot/zhopu].

16. If you’re working without energy, “you’re pulling a shlong” (Тянуть за хуй) [Tyanut’ za khuy].

17. In Russia, someone is not furious… instead they “came off a dick” (С хуя сорвался) [S khuya sorvalsya].

18. And beware, if Russians offer you a “cane of tea”… they are asking you to have sex (Палка чая) [Palka chaya].

19. When something bad and unexpected happens, a Russian will remark “Fuck your mother!” (Ёб вашу мать!) [Yob vashu mat’!].

20. Of something really thin or narrow, a Russian thug may describe it (again shudder) “like a twat hair” (Толщиной с пиздиный волосок) [Tolshchinoy s pizdiniy volosok].

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