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20 Funny Romanian Expressions and How to Use Them

Romania Languages
by Naomi Becze Jul 6, 2017

1. A Romanian won’t “fool you”. Instead, she’ll “throw vapors at you.” (Te aburește)

2. Romanians won’t say, “He finally got the idea.” He will say, “The coin drops.” (Îi pică fisa)

3. When a Romania has been “scammed”, she will say that she, “got into a spike.” (A luat țeapă)

4. A Romanian won’t tell you that, “You are fooling yourself.” He will say, “You are getting drunk with cold water.” (Te îmbeți cu apă rece)

5. When a Romanian likes something, she won’t say, “It’s cool.” She will say, “It’s concrete.” (E beton)

6. When a Romanian “plucks up the courage” to do something, he’ll say, “His heart is in his teeth.” (Își ia inima-n dinți)

7. When a Romanian is “surprised”, he will say that, “His face has fallen off.” (I-a picat fața)

8. A Romanian won’t refer to someone as “crazy,” Instead, he is “gone with the raft.” (Dus cu pluta)

9. When somebody is “confused,”, a Romanian will say, “She stares like a cat at a calendar.” (Se uită ca pisica în calendar)

10. You won’t make a Romanian “angry,” instead, you will “Take him out of his watermelons.” (Îl scoți din pepeni)

11. When a Romanian is “exhausted,” he will say that he is a “cabbage.” (Sunt varză)

12. For a Romanian, when something is completely “useless,” she will consider that thing, “as useful as a rub on a wooden leg.” (Frecție la picior de lemn)

13. When a Romanian gets very angry, “Her mustard will jump off.” (Îi sare muștarul)

14. Romanians don’t have “unusual ideas,” they have a “curly mind.” (Mintea creață)

15. A Romanian won’t lie to you, she will “sell you doughnuts.” (Îți vinde gogoși)

16. A Romanian won’t say that he “keeps quiet,” he will say that “he is silent like a pig in a corn field.” (Tace ca porcul în păpușoi)

17. A Romanian won’t say that “She is wrong.” She will say that “She throws his snot into the beans.” (Dă cu mucii în fasole)

18. When a Romanian has to “learn something by heart”, she will have to, “know it like the Lord’s Prayer.” (Să știe ca pe Tatăl Nostru)

19. If a Romanian thinks that a certain thing “will never happen”, he will say that it will happen, “at the horse’s Easter.” (La Paștele cailor)

20. A lazy Romanian person does not move slowly…she moves “like a dead person’s eye.” (Se mișcă ca ochiul mortului)

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