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23 Habits That Are Hard to Break When You Leave New Mexico

New Mexico
by Zoe Baillargeon May 28, 2018

New Mexicans are creatures of habits, so whether is it getting rid of our unusual expressions to be better understood out of state or not using some of our very specific superpowers, we have a hard time adapting to life outside of New Mexico. Here are 23 habits we tend to carry with us all over the world, even if we probably shouldn’t.

1. Always ordering our food with a side of chile.

2. Never ever using our turn signal.

3. Always having to wear sandals outside in summer because of goatheads.

4. Putting up farolitos or luminarias with our Christmas decorations.

5. Ordering food “Christmas” style.

6. Making fun of the “Mexican” food the rest of the US eats.

7. Saying “orale” at the beginning of sentences.

8. Keeping an extra fridge just for our green chile.

9. Expecting an amazing sunset every night.

10. Going to Allsups for gas and food

11. Expecting rainstorms to be over in five minutes.

12. Never washing our car because we expect it to rain right after we’re done.

13. Having sopaipillas for dessert.

14. Knowing we can arrive places up to 15 minutes late and it won’t be a problem.

15. Driving without actually touching the steering wheel during summer.

16. Keeping an eye out for coyotes when driving around town.

17. Judging people who can’t handle their spicy food.

18. Speaking Spanglish to everyone.

19. Never having to mow our lawn.

20. Expecting every other person we know to have a Zia tattoo.

21. Being able to buy amazing roasted pine nuts and tamales from the side of the road.

22. Expecting other people to know what we mean when we talk about Zozobra.

23. Not getting free chips and salsa when we go out to eat.

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