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6 Totally Underrated State Parks You Need to Visit in Colorado

Colorado National Parks
by Jeanette Lamb Sep 5, 2017

COLORADO STATE PARKS are some of a treasure-filled state’s hidden treasures. Here are a few popular State Parks you won’t want to miss — and out of the way State Parks that offer lots of opportunities, from pioneer camping sites to historic mine settings.

1. Vega State Park

Vega State Park is tucked out of the way off I-70 on the state’s western slope. Once you are there in its 1823 acres, there is plenty of it to explore. You’ll wind through a mountainous scenic drive. The park offers a selection of camping options, from a pioneer set-up to cabins to tradition tent sites.

2. James M. Robb State Park

Also known by its former name, Colorado River State Park, this park is a glorious 890-acre paradise that offers 63 campsites. It is located off I-70 near the town of Fruita. The State Park is noted for wildlife, hikes, and fishing.

3. State Forest State Park

With 71,000 acres situated between Laramie and Jackson counties, State Forest dates back to its designation in 1970. More than half the park is filled with diverse pine trees. There are a number of camping spots available to reserve. Opportunities while camping are endless — wildlife viewing, hiking trails, and beautiful natural vistas.

4. Lory State Park

Lory State Park is popular because it consists primarily of 26 miles of trails used for mountain biking and because of the park’s convenient location just a short drive from the bustling university town of Fort Collins. The trails are not exclusively for biking. Horse riders frequent the paths as do hikers and trail runners. The park is adjacent to Horsetooth Reservoir, where canoeing, fishing, and boating are available.

5. John Martin Reservoir State Park

This park is in a remote location that allows incredible access to wildlife viewing. The visitors’ experiences are all the richer due to the park’s location in the southeastern corner of the state where the weather tends to be mild year around.

6. Trinidad State Park

Trinidad State Park is 800 acres of trails found in the southern part of Colorado. The park has a rich history. On its premises, there are coal mine ruins, a reservoir and an archaeological site. A lesser known park, there is plenty of room on its hiking and running trails. Fishing and boating enthusiasts will have lots of opportunities.

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