This New Airline Fare Makes Sure the Middle Seat Next to You Is Always Empty

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by Eben Diskin May 14, 2019

Travelers who can’t afford to pay for a spacious business or first-class spot know the sheer joy that comes with scoring a coveted aisle or window seat with no neighbor. But because you can’t count on luck to have a comfortable flight, Irish carrier Aer Lingus is offering a new AerSpace program, wherein you can guarantee yourself an aisle or window seat with an unoccupied middle seat. You will also enjoy reserved space in the overhead bins, complimentary lounge access, Fast Track security, automatic standby for earlier flights, priority boarding, and a free snack and beverage from the in-flight menu.

Susanne Carberry, director of network revenue and loyalty for Aer Lingus, said, “We are proud to launch AerSpace in response to feedback from our guests seeking a more premium and spacious travel experience when flying short-haul with Aer Lingus.”

The fare will be available for flights to destinations across the UK and Europe, and bookings open on September 1. The amenities don’t come cheap, however. According to Lonely Planet, the fare is actually the most expensive of the airline’s short-haul options.

H/T: Lonely Planet

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