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Air New Zealand Trials Edible Vanilla-Flavored Cups for Its Coffee

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by Eben Diskin Dec 5, 2019

Nothing goes together like cookies and coffee, and now Air New Zealand is bringing them closer than ever before. The airline is introducing edible cups to its inflight beverage service and airport lounges, which will be both delicious and a sustainable alternative to plastic.

Created by Kiwi and family-owned business Twiice, the leakproof, vanilla-flavored biscotti cups are entirely edible — just wait until you finish your drink to dive in. Made from wheat flour, sugar, egg, and vanilla essence, they can also be used as dessert bowls.

Currently, Air New Zealand serves its coffee in plant-based compostable cups, but the airline plans to eliminate this system so that none of its cups go into landfills.

Last July, the airline committed to reducing its single-use items by removing individual plastic water bottles from its Business Premier and Premium Economy cabins, as well as from its Works Deluxe offering on Tasman and Pacific Island services under five hours in duration. Individual plastic sauce packets have also been entirely eliminated from its aircrafts.

Last week, Air New Zealand was voted best airline of 2020 by Airline Ratings.

Right now the cup is being tested at local Auckland airport lounges and on select routes, but if you’re not planning to fly Air New Zealand anytime soon, you can actually order them online for a taste.

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