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This Airline Will Let You Travel Unlimitedly Around Norway for the Price of a Single Ticket

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by Tim Wenger May 11, 2018

If you have any open time in your calendar between July 1st and August 31st, here’s an idea you may want to consider: a two-week jaunt across Norway to check out the fjords, bask under the glow of the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle, and make your way through Oslo’s vibrant city center.

Norwegian airline Widerøe is offering the Explore Norway Ticket, i.e. an all-you-can-fly ticket that allows you to check out as much of the country as you can inside of a two-week span.

The airline has divided the country up into three zones, based around the southern, central, and northern parts of the country (Check out the map here to see all the destinations covered by this deal and where the zones start and end). Your fare to travel within only one zone costs $435, two zones is $512, and an unlimited ticket to check out the entire country costs just $589. This cost covers airfare into the country from a handful of nearby international airports (Aberdeen, Billund, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Hamburg, London and Munich). Those coming from further away, such as the United States or Canada, need to get themselves to Europe.

The ticket is about as open-ended as possible. After your first flight, you’re free to make changes to the itinerary on short notice and can fly into or out of any of the Norwegian airports the airline operates from, as long as you don’t fly out of the same city more than four times. Technically, you could spend the entire two weeks jet-setting and taking in the country from 30,000 feet up — but we don’t recommend that, as the country is much more beautiful once you get your boots on the ground.

For those unsure of what to check out, the airline has even put together sample itineraries based on interest, including one for music and culture, another for fishing, one for checking out the country’s legendary fjords and coastlines, among others.

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