Photo: Department of Homeland Security

Soon, a Lot of Americans Will Need a Passport To Travel Within the US

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by Henry Miller Oct 18, 2017

The rules for flying within the United States might change for a large number of Americans, according to a announcement. The REAL ID bill passed by Congress in 2005 requires states to update their IDs in order for those IDs to allow entry on domestic flights. While over half of US states have since phased in “compliant” IDs, including driver’s licenses, IDs from big states such as New York and California will no longer get you past TSA starting January 22nd, 2018.

If you are wondering whether your state-issued ID is compliant as of October, check out this map:

Other forms of ID, such as an American passport, will get you on your flight but can take up to six weeks to arrive in your mailbox. So start planning right now!

To know more, please visit the Homeland Security website.

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