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Where to Travel in 2022 if You’re an Aquarius

by Talisa Zampieri Jan 21, 2022

When choosing where to go in 2022, why not pick your destination based on your zodiac travel? By looking at the different elements of your sign you can craft a trip that perfectly fits your personality. Today we’re spotlighting the quirky individualists of the zodiac, Aquarius. Your unique traits know no bounds, dear water-bearer, so it’s important for you to travel in a way that is in line with your Aquarius monthly horoscope.

You’re innovative, progressive, and sometimes down right renegade, Aquarius. But really what you do is march to the beat of your own drum. You’re not afraid to fly your freak flag with pride and are always on the lookout for the most unusual yet authentic experiences — no leisure travel or cruise line for you.

This is reflected by your modern ruling planet, Uranus. As the only planet to practically rotate on its side, it’s known for its rebellious, oddball nature. Things that are shocking, experimental, and trend-setting are right up your alley. As long as it’s aligned, your traditional ruler, Saturn, balances this with a value for tradition. So places that have both history and modernism or different ways for doing things would suit you.

Aquarius is part of the air element triplicity (along with Gemini and Libra, who would make good zodiac travel companions for you), which means you are intellectual and curious. You’re interested in trip ideas that involve new experiences and are up for giving anything a try, keen to stimulate the mind and keep things novel.

You’re also one of the fixed zodiac signs (along with Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio), the ones that fall in the middle of seasons. This adds to your somewhat surprising and hard-to-pin-down character; although you appreciate freedom and independence at all costs, having some sort of schedule or routine does suit you at the same time. Balance is key.

Our travel tips based on your Aquarius monthly horoscope include anywhere that is new and unusual, with enough to stimulate your interest and maybe get a little weird is ideal for you Aquarius. If you can get involved in the local community or find activities that also benefit the local population or planet in some way, even better for you! With all that in mind, let’s see where the best zodiac travel destinations for Aquarius are.

1. Shawnee National Forest, Illinois, US

Sunset over Shawnee National Forest, Illinois

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This underrated forest covers a large area, giving a plethora of things to do for all types of travelers. Hiking trails, waterfalls, unique rock formations, and a breathtaking view from clifftops. There are popular trails at Giant City State Park or Garden of the Gods National Recreation Area, as well as the quieter Panther Den Wilderness Trail or Little Grand Canyon Trail. If you’re feeling brave, do the Shawnee Canopy Tour. You can also canoe between cypress trees at the Cache River Wetlands Area with a Louisiana swamp feel. If you’re a Superman fan, you can end with a visit to Metropolis.

2. Cordillera Blanca, Peru

Man stands on edge of rock in Huascarán National Park a zodiac travel destination for Aquarius

Photo: Antonio Salaverry/Shutterstock

This Andes mountain range features over a dozen peaks reaching an impressive 20,000 feet or higher and more than 700 glaciers in the region. Featuring aquamarine alpine lakes, hot springs and otherworldly flora all add to its ethereal beauty. And it’s not just for experienced climbers either. From the town of Huaraz, you can explore Huascarán National Park or head out for a smaller hike or mountain bike ride. More seasoned (and acclimatized) adventurers can also opt for multi-day treks that head deep into the mountain range if you’re feeling more adventurous.

3. Ljubljana, Slovenia

River and houses in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Photo: Georgios Tsichlis/Shutterstock

This small but edgy capital city in the heart of Europe is an excellent choice for you Aquarius because it’s full of curiosities at every turn. Small and winding roads hide no shortage of indie shops and alternative venues. In the lusciously green country of Slovenia with open, rolling hills; Ljubljana holds some serious charm. Located between Italy, Croatia, Austria, and Hungary, there’s no shortage of beautiful countryside to visit here. After you’ve finished with the quirky options of Ljubljana, you can head to world-famous picturesque Lake Bled or the beautiful Soča Valley for a taste of Michelin Star restaurant, Hiša Franko, featured in Netflix’s Chef’s Table.

4. Tirana, Albania

Girl sits next to The Blue Eye near Tirana, Albania a zodiac travel destination for Aquarius

Photo: RossHelen/Shutterstock

This lesser-known European destination is the perfect place for you Aquarius because you get all the perks of a Mediterranean holiday – natural beauty and great weather – but with the added bonus of being relatively off the beaten path.

Being in Eastern Europe, Albania has an interesting hotpot of cultures mixing into it, infusing influences from the Middle East with the Balkans. After visiting the fascinating capital, Tirana, you can go to Apollonia where you’ll find the ruins of an ancient town built by the Greeks in 588 BC; and finish off with a visit to the stunning deep-water spring pool, The Blue Eye, to satiate any water cravings your water-bearer symbol may have.

5. Yachats, Oregon, US

Sunrise over Yachats, Oregon coast a perfect place for Aquarius travelers

Photo: JPL Designs/Shutterstock

The sleepy town of Yachats has a unique characteristic of being picturesquely moody all year round, with gloomy skies, dramatic coastlines, and winter cabin vibes. Its quietness will appeal to you, Aquarius, when you need to *ahem* distance yourself from other people. What’s more, the whole town is dedicated to ethically and sustainably sourced food which will appeal to your humanitarian nature! It features breathtaking scenery, tide pools, impressive forests, and the awesome sinkhole, Thor’s Well, near Cape Perpetua. This hypnotic and imposing phenomenon is an old sea cave that collapsed, creating a seemingly bottomless pit into the ocean.

6. Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan

Colorful flag fly with Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan in the distance

Photo: takepicsforfun/Shutterstock

Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom on the Himalayas full of monasteries, fortresses (or dzongs) and dramatic landscapes that range from subtropical plains to steep mountains and valleys. Paro Taktsang monastery, the Tiger’s Nest, clings to cliffs above the forested Paro Valley in mesmerizing fashion. The ability to immerse yourself into vastly different cultures, religions, and scenery is perfect for you with plenty to see, learn, and try. It’s certainly a weird and wonderful travel destination. The capital, Thimphu, is also worth visiting. It features a towering golden Buddha, fascinating architecture, and alternative activities such as their impressive national sport, archery.

7. Riga, Latvia

Red buildings in the square in Riga Latvia a perfect vacation destination for Aquarius travelers

Photo: Georgios Tsichlis/Shutterstock

Another relatively unknown destination to add to your bucket list, this picturesque country was a traditionally Pagan country that embraced Christianity later than many of its neighbors; lending it a strong folk tradition that can be seen in the architecture, rituals, and celebrations of the locals. Riga is full of colorful, cobbled streets with buildings that look like something out of an old Brother’s Grimm fairytale. Jauniela Street is particularly charming with Art Nouveau buildings and rows of flower boxes spilling out of windows. If you want to connect to your element, visit the Aerodium wind tunnel in Sigulda and experience the feeling of flying.

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