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Where to Travel in the US in 2022, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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by Talisa Zampieri Nov 1, 2021

When choosing the best place for your next US getaway, why not base the decision on your zodiac sign? Even though we all have each of the 12 zodiac signs somewhere in our natal charts, picking a destination based on your sun (star) sign, rising/ascendant sign, or any sign in which you have four or more planets should vibe well with your core characteristics. Zodiac travel will set you up for a vacation that lines up perfectly with your personality.

How to pick a vacation destination based on zodiac travel

When picking a destination for zodiac travel, some basic concepts can be taken into account, such as your element (fire, earth, air, water), and your “mode” or “quality” (cardinal, fixed, mutable) which denote whether your sign falls at the beginning, middle, or end of a season.

  • Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) will generally prefer a destination that has lively activities available and a buzzing scene. They also value spontaneity and adventure.
  • Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) will appreciate a nature-centric travel destination that has a cosier, grounded vibe. These signs prefer structure and well-planned vacations.
  • Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) will appreciate diversity and mentally stimulating options, such as galleries or alternative experiences. These signs like to be amongst people so group trips or bustling locations are the perfect combination for them.
  • Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) enjoy creative, laid-back, and intimate holidays, as well as anything by the water of course. They tend to prefer deciding what to do based on how they’re feeling in the moment.
  • Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) kick off new seasons and so love to take charge with the organization as well as voyaging to lesser-known destinations.
  • Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) fall in the middle of seasons and appreciate routine and some level of familiarity.
  • Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) come at the end of seasons and value flexibility and diversity.

There are also other characteristics to take into account, but this is a good starting base for planning the perfect trip according to your zodiac sign. Here’s a full breakdown of where each of the zodiac signs should travel to in the US in 2022.

Aries — Valley of Fire, NV

Aries begins the astrological year and so loves to be first at anything they do. This means you’ll enjoy discovering up-and-coming destinations that cater to your sense of adventurousness.

The Valley of Fire in the Mojave Desert is the perfect Martian landscape for fiery voyagers like yourself because there’s plenty of active hiking and exploring be done to help you burn through your abundant energy, and even do some camping to get your full Rambo fix. When you’ve had enough of nature, you can head to nearby Vegas and release any remaining steam, as well as getting your adrenaline pumping in a different way using your renowned confidence to make some big bets and potential big wins!

When the heat of the desert gets too much for your already hot blood, you can cool off in Lake Mead National Park, or head to Mount Charleston to enjoy a different type of landscape. You can even do ax throwing at the top of the mountain, appealing to your symbol, the bold ram’s, primal instincts.

Taurus — Miami, FL

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Taureans love nothing more than indulging in the finer things in life — good food, good drink, and good company. You enjoy luxury but not at the expense of your wallet — for you, any purchase needs to be considered almost as an investment. Yes, you’ll gladly pay extra, but only if it’s a truly worthy buy. Ultimately, leisure travel is the name of your game. If you can squeeze in some spa time (which shouldn’t need much convincing), all the better. Miami makes a great destination for Taurus because of its renowned foodie places, but also because of its familiarity. Harking back to times of younger years, Miami will feel like a distant home away from home, but vacation style.

Taking a tour of the Everglades will allow your symbol, the languid bull, to see the sights and get up close and personal with nature, including crocodiles if you’re lucky, all from the safety and ease of a boat captained by someone else. Plus, there’s plenty of galleries and creative art installations around to appeal to your appreciation for luxury and design as well.

Gemini — New York, NY

Person in New York

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Geminis are known as the social butterflies of the zodiac, loving novelty and excitement. Flitting between activities and people-watching is ideal for you, making a city break your perfect escape. Enter: The Big Apple. The world’s most vibrant city has everything a Gemini could want — an effervescent social scene, neverending variety, and endless activities. From shopping to galleries to open-mic comedy nights (appealing to your famous sense of humour), your symbol, the twins of the zodiac, will have found their other half in this city.

You can wander around the Meatpacking district or pick up some unique bites to eat in Smorgasburg market, Williamsburg, to satiate your curiosity, before strolling through Bryant Park for some more people watching; grabbing a drink at one of the many uber cool bars on offer, such as speakeasy Mezcalaria La Milagrosa, and ending the night with a bright lights show on Broadway! What more could a Gemini want?

Cancer — Lake Tahoe, CA

lake tahoe

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Mega foodies, the crab of the zodiac appreciates nothing more than a good meal, especially a home cooked one. Laid-back places that invite a nostalgic sense of community and simple times appeal to your family-orientated side, bonus points when this is by a body of water! This makes renting a cabin to share with loved ones at Lake Tahoe a match made in heaven for our Cancerian friends. Plus, you can feast on all the fresh caught fish you can eat. When you’re not taking part in water-based activities or exploring the local restaurants, relaxing with friends and family by the fireplace is the perfect way to end your day, especially if it involves nostalgic reminiscing.

While drinking is more Pisces’ or Taurus’ domain, Cancers do appreciate a fine wine when they taste one. Taking a tour to nearby El Dorado Wine Country will ensure both your palates are satisfied. There’s plenty of hikes around to help you build up an appetite, such as Hope Valley or the waterfall trails at Eagle Falls; simply enjoying the blue waters in Sand Harbor, or even skiing if you decide to go in the winter!

Leo — Los Angeles, CA

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LA is the perfect destination for Leos because it allows you to see and be seen, is full of glitz and glamour and talented individuals showcasing themselves in their best light, and gives ample ways for you proud lions to express your creativity in return! There’s plenty of activities for you to expend your fiery energy and a number of performative things to do to get your spotlight fix. Even though most Leos feel like celebrities already, spotting a real celeb is pretty cool too. You’ve got expansive hikes to release any excess energy still pent up after all your catwalking, such as the hilly wilderness of Griffith Park, or you can wear an extravagant outfit and go rollerblading in Venice Beach to put on your own show!

You rising starlets will feel right at home perusing the cinematic treasures of the recently opened Academy Museum and, of course, touring the Hollywood Hills or cruising down the iconic Sunset Boulevard. You can cozy up to anyone who’s anyone at restaurants Craig’s or All Time, and imagine your shining star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (hey, there’s still time right?).

Virgo — Zion National Park, UT

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Virgoans are down-to-earth and unassuming, you have a keen eye for detail and like things to run like a well-oiled machine. This makes perusing one of the country’s finest national parks the ideal holiday for Virgos because you can get in touch with nature, but also not stray too far from the beaten path, and follow a neat itinerary along the way. If you can pair this with one of the many holistic wellness retreats nearby, all the better for your health-focused sign. It will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed, with just enough variety and planning to balance your need for “perfection”.

You can go canyoneering if you’re feeling brave, or simply admire the stars and catch a glimpse of the Milky Way with a nighttime campout. While in Utah, you can explore Bryce Canyon or Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, giving you a sense of satisfaction for crossing even more things off your list! Plus, by giving your money to a national park, you’ll know that it’s going towards an honorable and much-needed use of preservation, protection, and conservation, a double win for your service-focussed sign.

Libra — Hawaii Cruise

Hawaii Kauai Na Pali coast landscape scenic cruise. Couple watching dramatic mountains famous tourist destination on boat deck. Cruise ship on summer travel vacation and woman tourists relaxing.

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Librans are known as the lovers of the zodiac and live a relationship-centric life, so your holiday destination should be no less romantic. A cruise down the best destinations of the east or west coast while being wined and dined is perfect for Librans because it allows you to kick back and enjoy the view, without having to make decisions on where to go or what to do (which is not your forte). You’ll also be surrounded by endless conversation opportunities with other cruisers! Choosing a cruise line that goes to Hawaii will satisfy your desire for natural beauty while also stoking your cultural interest, and amping up the romance factor of course.

If cruising all the way doesn’t suit you, you can fly directly to the Big Island. Hawaii is perfect for Libras because it has lush, picturesque landscapes filled with vibrant colours, and a pleasant, peaceful atmosphere that vibes well with your laissez-faire attitude and appeals to your aesthetic eye. The land of honeymoons will fill your hearts up with all the love you could desire and leave you feeling even more harmonious than when you landed.

Scorpio — Salem, MA

New England houses

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Your sultry sign loves going in deep and uncovering mysteries, especially if it has anything to do with the occult or history. This makes Salem a double whammy for Scorpions, as you can go on a journey of times past while also exploring the realms of the unseen. You can connect with the land’s heritage and perhaps even access some shadow work or past life healing! After taking a historic walking tour to get an overview, you can finish up in the Witch House to channel your inner mystic or go on a candlelit ghost tour if you’re feeling brave. You’ll leave with your spiritual curiosity satisfied and perhaps even amplified more than before.

If any Scorpios are looking for something a little lighter, then the mysteriously built Coral Castle, Florida, or the cosmically esoteric Mount Shasta, California, home to sacred Native American sites and worshipers, will appeal to your magical side too.

Sagittarius — Sedona, AZ

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Sagittarians are the eternal explorers on a constant quest for discovering what’s just beyond. For you, something that combines adventure and variety is key. And so, a road trip is the perfect vacation idea for satiating your adventurous spirit. Nothing satisfies you more than ticking things off your neverending bucket list, and with a road trip, you’ll be able to get through several! When picking a final destination, it’s important for Sagittarians to have some thrill-seeking activities along the way. This makes Sedona ideal for you archers because it allows you the freedom to explore otherworldly landscapes, while also giving you ample time for spontaneity, stopping as and when you feel called to along the way.

Sedona is also said to be home to several energy vortexes (one of few such spots in the world), which is ideal for topping up your personal fuel tank as well as appealing to your philosophical, expansive worldview.

Capricorn — Washington DC


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Grounded and reliable, you Capricorns like to earn your play, and so if you can go somewhere where it feels like you’ve worked for the privilege of relaxing, all the better. You also value tradition, making Washington a perfect match for the sea-goat to learn about the country’s history firsthand and take in all the culture it has to offer. Capricorns also make highly capable leaders, and so visiting the city leading the country appeals to your sense of natural duty. When you’ve done all the sightseeing you can muster, escaping to nearby nature reserves gives you your well-deserved break.

After visiting the Smithsonian, Capitol Hill, perhaps the National Archives and, of course, the White House, you can then soak in some fresh air at Shenandoah National Park. There are beautiful, quiet hikes here that will appeal to your reserved and sometimes shy Capricornian nature.

Aquarius — Portland, OR

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Known as the odd-balls of the zodiac, Aquarians dance to the beat of their own drum. For you, anything alternative and unusual makes your heart sing. Portland is perfect for the waterbearer because it’s full of quirky locales to pique their interests, as well as a rich culture scene to keep you intellectually satisfied. It’s also great for mingling with the crowds when you want, and equally easy to get away into quieter landscapes when you need a break (which this loner sign usually does). Getting involved in one of the city’s many community-oriented initiatives will also speak to your humanitarian hearts.

If Portland’s not kooky enough for you water-bearers, there’s always the famous UFO hotspot Roswell, New Mexico! Or the eerily beautiful Marfa Lights in Texas for a natural, yet not entirely explicable, phenomena.

Pisces — New Orleans, LO

New Orleans Mardi Gras restrictions

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This final sign of the zodiac is the dreamiest, most mystical of all. You Pisceans are happy living in your fantasy land, making you content with idleness and taking it slow. Trip ideas for you include getting lost in new cities, rambling around natural landscapes, or simply anywhere you can float on by and let your imagination do the wandering. As music touches you deeply, the birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans, is the perfect escape for you. With whimsical streets and ethereal swamplands nearby, this city offers everything the symbol of the fish could desire. Plus, the city’s rich spiritual history and culture, with Voodoo traditions, gives Pisceans a way to explore your own inner mystic too.

You can peruse the artisan crafts of the French Market before visiting the rest of the French Quarter or meandering to the grand Garden District. Maybe even paying your respects in one of the hauntingly beautiful cemeteries along the way before heading to cocktail bar Haus of Hoodoo to finish your visit off with another activity you often enjoy, drinking.

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