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Where to Travel in 2019, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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by Matthew Meltzer Jan 8, 2019

Maybe you think astrology is stupid. Maybe you think it’s a bunch of hippie-dippy junk science people use to excuse bad behavior. “Well you should have known I was going to was going to cheat on you, Janet. I’m a Scorpio!”

Ok, well put that aside for a second. Because if you buy into astrology — if only for the time it takes to read your horoscope — it can be pretty entertaining. And sometimes, surprisingly accurate. Besides, even if you’re not into astrology, there’s a good chance someone you travel with is. So when deciding where to travel in 2019, perhaps taking the characteristics of your or your companion’s zodiac sign could lead to a perfect vacation. Whether you’re a globetrotting Sagittarius, an indecisive Libra, or a dark and sensual Scorpio, here’s where you should be traveling this year.

Aries: Set out on a road trip through Mongolia.

Kazakh men traditionally hunt foxes and wolves using trained golden eagles in Mongolia


Once Aries sees a place on their friends’ Instagram, they’ve immediately lost interest in going. Because if Aries isn’t first, they’re last, and what’s the point of travel if you’re not blazing the trail for someone else? While Mongolia isn’t exactly undiscovered, it’s not exactly overblown Iceland either, and by being the first one of your friends to speed through the steppes and take selfies in the Khentii mountains, you’ll deeply please the peak-scaling ram within.

Flying in and taking a tour won’t be enough for thrill-seeking Aries. You need energy, competition, and speed. You like putting a remote destination in your GPS, seeing the estimated arrival time, and saying, “Challenge accepted.” And while we’d never tell you to speed through Mongolia like it’s rural Montana, the wide-open roads and vast stretches of nothing give you the chance for the high-speed road trip you’re looking for. Just remember, Mongolian highways aren’t exactly US Interstates. So be careful.

Taurus: Experience the finer things in life (at a great value) in Argentina.

El Cafayate vineyards with mountain backdrop, Argentina

Photo: Another Sun Photography/Shutterstock

You bulls are a bold lot, and while you’re never ones to waste money, you’re also not ones to go cheap on anything either. You want the best in the world, at a reasonable price, and Argentina gives you the energy, scenery, and refined culture you’re always seeking at a very responsible price. Here you can eat at the finest restaurant and drink the best wine — without getting a bill that’ll have you stomping your foot in anger.

Bulls also love the arts, and in the cultural capital of South America, you can wander the streets of Buenos Aires admiring miles of street art and stunning architecture. Once you’ve gotten your fill of the city, head south to Mendoza where you’ll sip fine wine and indulge in two of your other passions — mountains and photography. The most photogenic wine region in the world backs right up to the Andes Mountains, and as you spend your days composing shots with a glass of Malbec in your hand, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to join the rest of the herd.

Gemini: Go to the world capital of gossip in Los Angeles.

Beautiful Los Angeles sunset downtown skyline and palm trees in foreground

Photo: Chones/Shutterstock

If there’s one thing Geminis love, it’s a big hunk of juicy gossip, and LA is your prime steakhouse. Simply hanging out around Catch LA or Chateau Marmont for a few days will have you filling your Snap story with pictures of celebs and where they’re eating. And maybe even who their eating with. Take the TMZ Celebrity Tour and learn the art of gossip from the greatest ever. Or just belly up to the bar at Barney’s Beanery and eavesdrop on aspiring producers and directors to see what the “hot” new projects might be. Also, January to March is Awards Season, meaning you can do a little DIY red carpet reporting if you’re able to use your gift of gab to talk your way to the front. Or possibly even finagle your way into a D-list Oscars afterparty.

Plus, the golden beaches and snow-capped San Gabriel Mountains give you the perfect chance to channel the messaging forces of your ruling planet Mercury, sending beautiful vacation shots to your oh-so-jealous friends back home. Since it’s LA, you can spend your non-party-crashing time indulging in your other passions — obscure music and fast cars. And you might even have the bonus chance to talk your way out of a speeding ticket.

Cancer: Post up in a beach house in Maine.

New England beach cottage, overlooking the dunes and the beach

Photo: Jo Ann Snover/Shutterstock

They say Cancers are ruled by the moon, but let’s be honest: You’re really ruled by your stomachs. And though a culinary trip to San Francisco or Paris might sound inviting, big, impersonal cities aren’t really your thing. You’d rather rent a house somewhere by the water, invite your best friends and family along, and create a home away from home full of gourmet meals and good times — where you don’t have to deal with tons of people you don’t like but can still eat well with people you love.

Mainers, like Cancers, also don’t much care for people they deem a waste of time. And, like Cancers, they’re intrinsically linked to crustaceans. So you can make big, fresh lobster meals in your beachside rental house, then when you’re tired of cooking spend the rest of your vacation sampling one of the best small food cities in America in Portland. Start with the daily specials a Duckfat then indulge in prime cuts at Timber Steakhouse. But be sure not to skip out on the potato donuts at Holy Donut. And when you need to retreat back into your shell, take a hike up to the top of Cadillac Mountain at sunrise to feel alone with nature. Just make sure you go on a weekday.

Leo: Get treated like the king or queen you are in Thailand.

Woman with a flower in hair relaxing at the beach at Krabi, Thailand

Photo: Dirima/Shutterstock

Leos like to be treated like they’re the only one that matters. You’re the leader, the one in charge, and if everyone around you isn’t treating you as such, you really start to question your position in the jungle hierarchy. This is why you need to go to Thailand, where the southeast Asian service makes even budget travelers feel like a VIP. Rent a villa with a full staff near Phuket for about what a week at an American hotel would cost, and you and your friends will all bask in Leo’s regal glow.

Venturing into the city, you’ll find Bangkok is a place where a few dollars can get you first class everything. And since Leos hate hearing the word “no” — or rules at all, really — Bangkok will be an absolute paradise. If you can handle the chaos of mopeds darting past you and the loss of control you feel in traffic, you’ll find a city where whatever you want can be made possible — for a minimal price. And whether that’s shopping, fine dining, or some of the more, shall we say, personal pleasures, the entire city can be your oyster, Leo. Just make sure not to let your ego get the best of you.

Virgo: Take a highly organized trip through the Holy Land.

White mineral salt shore at Dead sea, Israel

Photo: Dmitry Polonskiy/Shutterstock

Nothing makes a Virgo happier than having a strict itinerary and keeping to it. And while you’re perfectly capable of making a list and checking everything off, this is your vacation, Virgo! Let someone else do all the planning! But you need a place where you can fill each day from breakfast to bedtime without wasting too much time in transit. Because that would be impractical, and the one thing Virgos love more than a schedule is practicality.

An organized tour through Israel is the ultimate vacation for a Virgo, regardless of your religion, because all the history, sites, and wonder of this ancient country are packed into an easily traversable little package. You’ll have a light, efficient breakfast of tomatoes and cucumbers before spending the day touring cities thousands of years old, from the Galil down to Jerusalem and the Negev desert. Each day is full of education and awe, where the seemingly overwhelming number of things to see in the country is masterfully planned out to fit into one week. Your love of health and fitness is perfect for this Mediterranean climate, too, where hikes up Masada are followed by soaks in the healing Dead Sea. And you can sweat out long nights in Tel Aviv with refreshing runs on the beach.

Libra: Never worry about a decision at an all-inclusive in the Caribbean.

Tropical Pavillion on the Carribean Sea, Mexico

Photo: NadyaEugene/Shutterstock

Libras, lovable and agreeable as you are, can make some massively frustrating traveling companions because these even-keeled, balanced people are not good with making decisions. Figuring out what to wear can be a 45-minute process. Let’s not even get started on picking a restaurant. What Libra needs is a place where all the decisions are made for you and you can just sit back and relax. And this, judges, is why all-inclusive resorts are the vacation for you.

What should you wear? Swimsuit and flip-flops, everywhere. What to drink? You’ll have waiters walking around all day with trays of fruity, boozy creations and your only choice will be between red and blue. Sure, the choices at the buffet might be overwhelming, but you’re there a week! Try something different every day. And figuring out what to do isn’t too hard, either, since nobody really expects you to do much other than lay on the beach all day. Going with your special someone caters to your heightened sense of romance, too, as you can watch the sunsets next to crashing waves every night and wake up in plush robes with room service breakfast every morning.

Since you’re terrible with decisions, we’ll suggest Sandals Royal Barbados, Barcelo Bavaro Palace in the Dominican Republic, and the Grand Velas Riviera Maya in Mexico.

Scorpio: Passionately dance the nights away in Colombia.

Beautiful Caribbean dancer in Colombia

Photo: Carl Forbes/Shutterstock

No sign gets you to make bad decisions better than Scorpio. One look from a deeply passionate scorpion and you know whatever they want you to do is going to be amazing, but you’ll probably regret it later. And if there were ever a country where a Scorpio can find plenty of people willing to follow them down the rabbit hole, it’s Colombia. This beautiful, colorful country has a nightlife culture unrivaled in the western hemisphere, where the greatest night of your life starts at a Medellin nightclub at 1:00 AM and finishes well after sunrise at a downtown penthouse — that you probably rented for $200 for the entire weekend.

Like Scorpios, Colombia is deep and passionate, and it gives off the same dangerous sensuality and sense of adventure. Colombia is perfect for indulging the sexy side where a Scorpio’s mind lives. And for scorpions — to paraphrase the country’s old tourism slogan — the only danger is not wanting to leave.

Sagittarius: See as much as you can on a Mediterranean cruise.

Beautiful mediterranean landscape in Montenegro

Photo: Olena Z/Shutterstock

You are the ultimate travel sign, Sagittarius, and your list of places to travel is probably longer than you can achieve in one lifetime. But damned if you won’t try. You spend every weekend away from home anyway, so an extended vacation needs to have you hitting as many places as you can in a short period of time. But you still want to learn and grow everywhere you go. A Caribbean cruise might sound perfect, but you’ll get much more out of cruising the med.

No two days are the same on a cruise, so your intense dislike of routine won’t be bothered. You’ll spend one day touring the coastal fortresses in Dubrovnik and the next walking the narrow streets of Santorini. You’ll learn culture in Istanbul and party in Barcelona, learning about a new country every day and expanding your mind like your ruling planet Jupiter demands. Your restlessness will be satiated when you watch the lights from your last port float away, finally returning home with the experience of a dozen vacations under your archer’s belt.

Capricorn: Top the competition in Tokyo.

Tokyo skyline at night

Photo: Oriol Querol/Shutterstock

You high-achieving mountain goats are all about business and accomplishment, even when you’re on vacation. Wasting away on a beach or exploring a park is a waste of valuable time! You’d rather post up on the top floor of Tokyo’s luxurious Ritz-Carlton, enjoying views out over the busiest city in the world and acting like you own it all, even if you don’t — yet. You’ll also enjoy getting up early to beat the other guy for one of the 120 seats at the famous Tsukiji fish market tuna auction. Or come out on top, again, atop the world’s tallest tower at the 2,080-foot Tokyo Skytree.

A trip to the land of the rising sun gives you the structure you desire with a culture based on work, formality, and achievement, and a work-hard, play-hard attitude that leaves little time for wasteful stuff like sleep. So you can cap off your big day of crushing the biggest city in the world with sake shots and karaoke at Karaoke Kan, where you challenge local suits to see who does a better version of “Heartbreaker.” Tokyo’s a known element, no guesswork or surprises here. And as Japan seems to be the hot country for Americans to visit, you’ll have plenty to talk about at networking events when you get home.

Aquarius: Serve the world building schools in Central America.

Grassy landscape around Irazu Volcano, Cartagos Province, Costa Rica

Photo: David Boutin/Shutterstock

Aquarius love to be near the water, but you need more than a nice view and a mani-pedi to make your trip worthwhile. You’re not a mere water-watcher, you’re a water-bearer, bringing much-needed aid to the literally and figuratively thirsty. Your ideal trip means something, allowing you to sit back and smile at how your vacation made a difference in somebody’s life.

Nowhere will you get this satisfaction — as well as your longing to be near the sea — like you will volunteering in Central America. Whether you’re in Costa Rica, Guatemala, or other developing nations, you’ll be able to get the cultural immersion you desire spending time in a rural village. And get the inner satisfaction of service by helping build schools, construct homes, or plant gardens for fresh food. Plus, you’ll have a chance to put your highly sharpened project-management and planning skills to use, giving you your requisite jolt of pride in seeing a project through to completion.

Pisces: Return to the water in the Maldives.

Aerial view of a woman on a surfboard in the turquoise waters of the Maldives

Photo: Sven Hansche/Shutterstock

The ultimate water sign needs to be surrounded by ocean. Or maybe even submerged in it. And while stuff like cruise ships get you up-close and personal with your aquatic home, afternoons lounging on the lido deck don’t quite cut it for your adventurous, swimming spirit. Instead, you need a chain of islands set in the middle of the Indian Ocean that takes literally days to reach. Maldives, meet Pisces.

Here you’ll combine your two favorite things — water and luxurious pampering — as you get massages in a hut hovering over the turquoise ocean. In between your deep tissue rub downs and salt scrubs, you’ll return to your natural form when you strap a tank on your back and dive the clearest waters in the east. You’ll commune with your fellow fish in a state of pure relaxation before diving into some freshly cooked ones back on the beach.

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