People usually do at least one of three things as a year comes to a close: reflect on how the past year has gone, think up resolutions for the coming year, and party it up. 2018 was a great year for travel, with economies bouncing back and welcoming more tourism than ever, and it was also a year that people thought about ways to travel sustainably, as well as the impact of social media on the places they visit. Instagram has its pros and cons, but no matter what side of the debate you fall on, there’s no doubting its influence on inspiring others to get up and out there. From Mont Saint-Michel in France to colorful skies in Singapore, here are Matador’s nine most liked photos on Instagram in 2018.

1. Tianjin Binhai Library in Tianjin, China by Harimao Lee/@harimaolee

2. Sunrise Point Cukul in Indonesia by Rdie K. Asmita/@rdie_photography

3. Mont Saint-Michel in France by Alexis Pifou/@_pifou

From the photographer:

“This place is not easy to access — it’s a little bit hidden and especially flooded in winter. So when I got there, I had to pass by mud and big puddles but it’s worth it. The place is hypnotic and completely out of time. It’s so quiet there and there’s nobody — no tourists, no locals, only some goats around you. I only would like to emphasis that [visitors] not degrade [it] at all and respect the place to keep it natural.”

4. Ice caves in Tyrol, Austria by Tom Klocker/@tomklockerphoto

5. Fall foliage in Chiba, Japan by Dera/@dera_e_mon

From the photographer:

“That day I got up early in the morning and drove in a car for about an hour. I aimed to take a picture of the morning light spot but because of the cloudy sky I did not. Autumn scenery is one [of my] favorite pieces [to photograph].”

6. Snowfall in Kandertal, Austria By Paedii Luchs/@_paediil

From the photographer:

“Doesn’t winter make you feel like a child again? It snowed pretty intensively as we walked along the lake shore.”

7. Cau Vang in Vietnam by Jason/@smashpop

8. A lodge on the Faroe Islands by Josiah Gordon/@josiahwg

9. Colorful skies in Singapore by Dotz Soh/@dotzsoh