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Where to Travel in the US if You're a Capricorn

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by Talisa Zampieri Dec 13, 2021

The final sign of our calendar year, Capricorn, comes with a hefty reputation for being the most hardworking sign in the zodiac — and with good reason! It’s time to reward yourself and as you’ve earned a well-deserved vacation we’ve put together your Capricorn travel horoscope for 2022.

Being an earth sign, you are grounded, practical, and stable. You appreciate the true value of things and have a pragmatic, realistic approach to life. This means that somewhere in nature will be ideal for you, where you can root and reconnect with your element; as well as anything where you can follow an itinerary or a well-trodden destination (that ideally isn’t too busy — you like your space!), this will give you the comfort and security you need to feel safe but also allow you the freedom to explore.

You are also a cardinal sign, the ones that kick off the new seasons, so you are great at taking initiative and make a formidable leader. You will enjoy organizing your own trip and may also enjoy going to lesser-known places. Spontaneous road trips are generally not your thing but they may work well for you if you can meticulously plan it because you’ll be able to tick many locations off your bucket list (hello sense of satisfaction), and put your leadership skills into action along the way.

Finally, you also value tradition and history, so anywhere that caters to this favors well for you. Your symbol, the mountain goat, was once known as the mythical sea-goat, hinting at a distant affiliation with the more mystical, spiritual side of life (this forms part of our human tradition too after all). It also shows that you are well-suited to both water and land locations.

If you’re curious about which zodiac signs would make the best travel partners for you, that would generally be fellow earth signs, Taurus and Virgo, and complimentary water signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, because you will inherently understand each other. Fire signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius; and air signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, operate on a more energetic (yang) frequency than you are accustomed to and prefer more active adventures.

So, without further ado — here’s your Capricorn travel horoscope including the top seven US zodiac travel destinations for you to visit in 2022.

1. New York for diehard spirit and historical and cultural sites

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Capricorns will enjoy this world-famous city because they have the same work ethic as diehard New Yorkers, and there are plenty of historical and cultural sites for you to dive into. Staying somewhere like The Plaza also satisfies your penchant for history, and indulges your appreciation of quality (not frivolous) luxury. Hey, with all the hard work you do, you’ve earned it! Certain Caps are also known for their ability to work hard and play hard, if that’s you — you’ve found your match in the city that never sleeps. Plus, to add in some beach time, the Hamptons are also just a stone’s throw away.

2. Tongass National Forest for Alaskan wildlife and old-growth forests

Whale breaching in Tongass National Park

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This peaceful location allows you to quietly tap into your more spiritual yin side. The whole area is a wildlife lover’s sanctuary with the chance to spot bald eagles, brown bear cubs, black-tailed deer, sockeye salmon, and goshawks. There are caves, meadows, swampy bogs (muskegs), and 700+ miles of trails — giving you ample variety to choose from, and enough space to distance yourself from any other hikers! The Nugget Falls trail offers amazing views of the waterfall and epic Mendenhall Glacier, where you can see the bears catching salmon if you’re lucky. This is the largest national forest in the US, home to old-growth trees, which will appeal to your ancient soul, and you’ll also be putting your dollars towards important sustainability and conservation initiatives!

3. Chicago for a sophisticated city break

Chicago skyline

Photo: JaySi/Shutterstock

This makes the perfect destination for you Cap because it’s a sophisticated city break. Unlike gaudy LA, Chicago has an understated history to add to its world-class reputation. Not flashy or loud in its style, Chicago offers you next-level dining experiences, underground jazz bars, unique architecture, iconic neighborhoods, and, of course, Chicago-style pizza. You can visit historic theatres, spot numerous public art displays, and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the Windy City. Plus, those Midwestern values may help soften up your tough exterior.

4. Sonoma Valley for a cultured way to enjoy Californian wine

Women walking through vineyards in Sonoma California

Photo: Anel Alijagic/Shutterstock

A cultural way to enjoy wine? Yes please! Visiting this beautiful wine country pairs well with you Capricorn because it’s nestled in more than 60,000 acres of land between the Pacific Coast and Mayacamas Mountains, giving a wide expanse of nature to enjoy and more than 400 wineries to choose from. The diverse landscape ensures plenty of wine varietals, so there’s something for everyone’s tastes. Sonoma wineries have won numerous national and international awards, meaning you’re only sampling the best of the best! This is like the ultimate grown-ups holiday. There’s even an eco-friendly option available at Benziger Family Winery, and a more historic option at Hanzell Vineyards.

5. Portland for a unique local shopping trip

Portland skyline over river in fall

Photo: Josemaria Toscano/Shutterstock

This is the option for all you less traditional Capricorns out there. Portland still offers you all the cultural and historical activities but in an alternative way. Time spent here will allow you to relax and unwind, enjoying the sites on offer, but without getting anxious about having to get through a huge list of must-sees or overexerting yourself (you are on vacation after all)! With an emphasis on everything being locally sourced, organic, heirloom, artisanal, and small-batch, you’ll be sure that what you’re paying for is unique and up to your high standards. This self-proclaimed “weird” city will help you get in full vacation mode and let your hidden alter ego lose. Plus — all the bookshops your heart can desire.

6. Seattle for down-to-earth culture

Small lighthouse on the coast near Seattle

Photo: Tobias N Williams/Shutterstock

As a Capricorn, you’ll love visiting this city because it’s unassuming and down-to-earth. It’s surrounded by lush evergreen forests making it a great place for the best of both worlds and is famous for being environmentally friendly. With hilly neighborhoods, charming homes, and quaint cafes, it also houses corporate giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Expedia, giving it a good mix for your ambitious sign! With such a varied output (not forgetting the birthplace of grunge), there’s a strong do-it-yourself culture and social progressivism that will appeal to your independent tastes.

Women sitting looking out over Crater Lake

Photo: Kris Wiktor/Shutterstock

This is America’s deepest lake, and since it isn’t fed by any streams or rivers, it’s considered to be the cleanest lake in the US, if not the world! Renowned for its beautiful blue waters, this volcanic basin attracts divers and hikers alike. If you’re feeling brave, you can go for a dip in the designated areas, but be warned — the water can get pretty cold. You can go fishing too, but the only access to the shoreline is through a 700-foot vertical descent along Cleetwood Cove Trail (you’ll have certainly earned that swim Capricorn)! You can also take a leisurely boat tour from Wizard Island to get a full view, and it’s said to be one of the best places to do some stargazing at night.

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