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Where to Travel in 2022 if You’re a Sagittarius

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by Talisa Zampieri Nov 23, 2021

When choosing a vacation in 2021, why not pick your destination by zodiac travel? By looking at the elements of your star sign you can line up a trip that perfectly fits your personality. Last month we celebrated Scorpios and now we turn the focus to Sagittarius, the archer of the zodiac, the eternal adventurer and explorer.

As a Sagittarius, you are exuberant, optimistic, and on an endless quest to uncover the truth. You love to delve into the unknown, whether that’s figuratively with your own psyche, the concept of philosophy, religion, and spirituality; or literally with foreign lands and cultures.

You are constantly looking for anything that opens up your horizons. This is reflected by your ruling planet, Jupiter. As the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiterian ideals are noble and high. You will have a strong belief system (and many opinions!), leading you to also be known as the archetype of the teacher. As such, traveling is your forte dear Sag. You’re literally known as the wanderer or traveler of the zodiac! You should feel right at home in this realm and most likely have your own extensive travel bucket list.

You’re part of the fire element triplicity (along with Aries and Leo, who would also make good travel buddies for you), which means you are bold and fiery. You have energy to burn and a general zest for life. You enjoy being active and prefer excitement over the mundane. Doing things that are new and unusual, where every day is different and you are allowed to roam free, will suit you better than a leisure or organized group vacation.

You’re also what’s known as a mutable sign (along with Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces), the ones that come at the end of seasons. This makes you flexible and adaptable, eager to get things finished and move on to the next thing (although staying power may come less naturally to you). This means that you will need lots of variety on your zodiac travel trips! No two days should be alike, sticking to a rigid schedule is just not for you.

With all that in mind, let’s see where are the best zodiac travel ideas if you are a Sagittarius.

1. Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Gobi Desert landscape shot with man walking in the background

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Now if you want epic adventures and authentic, wild experiences, Mongolia is the place to visit! With its relatively untapped tourist market, you can experience true-to-nature cultural journeys that will immerse you in local traditions. Because of this, it’s also necessary to plan well in advance and easiest to take an organized tour through the desert — I know this is a turn-off for you Sag but I promise it’s worth it! The sights you’ll see will be so damn cool you’ll forget all about the planning you had to do beforehand to get to them.

2. Smoky Mountains National Park, US

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This Tennessee national park is an awesome option for your zodiac travel due to the sheer amount of adventures you can have here. There’s a wide variety of landscapes and activities to choose from; ranging from whitewater rafting to canyoneering, to deep cave diving, bouldering, camping, and more! Let your wild heart take you where it pleases and allow your vast imagination to roam free. Four full days are recommended here to be able to fit in all the sights, plus have ample time to explore Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge if you wish.

3. Reykjavik, Iceland

Houses and lighthouse in Reykjavik a zodiac travel destination for Sagittarius

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Iceland is another travel destination that has everything you could wish for — broad Martian-like landscapes, otherworldly experiences such as the Northern Lights, varying extreme weather conditions which are an adventure in and of themselves, an active volcano, and the mythic Blue Lagoon. Iceland is a popular choice for adventurers because you can easily go off track and get lost in the awesome nature, but if you ever get too lost the locals are known for their friendliness! And for someone who loves to converse as much as you do, half the fun of traveling is the amazing people you meet.

4. Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey zodiac travel destination for Sagittarius

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This is an excellent spot for you Sag because it has all the appeal of rich historical city life, but also incredible nature and adventures to be had nearby. There are Bronze Age homes carved into valley walls by troglodytes (cave dwellers) that were later used as refuges by early Christians; a 100m-deep Canyon housing numerous rock-face churches in Ihlara; and “fairy chimney” rock formations in Monks Valley. You can go dune buggying, snake your way through one of their Byzantine underground cities, and, of course, take one of those famous idyllic hot air balloon rides!

5. Avenue of Baobabs, Madagascar

Avenue Baobabs in Madagascar a zodiac travel destination for Sagittarius

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This beautiful country is sure to capture your imagination with its tropical nature and huge amount of biodiversity (one of the highest in the world and 96% endemic)! Plus, Madagascans are known for their positivity, ensuring you’ll feel right at home with the people you meet here. You can come face-to-face with towering baobab trees, see super unique rock formations at Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve, snorkel with sea turtles at The Three Bays, as well as wind or kite-surf. Then, take your pick from Lokobe, Mantadia, or Isalo National Park to meet the Madagascan national animal, the lemur!

6. Torres del Paine, Chile

Wild horses at Torres del Paine, Chile, a zodiac travel destination for Sagittarius

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Patagonia is a must on any true adventurers travel list, and for good reason! Home to some of the world’s most awe-inspiring landscapes, Torres del Paine will blow you away with its magnificence. Featuring towering glaciers, soaring mountains, and bright blue icebergs, this immense national park is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Travel tips for this monumental journey include: going between November-March; packing highly functional, warm clothing; and doing the eight-day trek on the O Circuit to see the iconic skyline of the mountain formations that gave this site its name (the “blue towers”).

7. Moab, US

An arch in Moad Utah

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The massive red rock formations and landscape in Arches National Park are truly a sight to behold. You’ll love trekking around here because it has mesas and buttes, Native American rock art, and dinosaur tracks at Bull Canyon Overlook and Canyon Ridge! You can let loose four-wheeling on the thousands of miles of off-road territory, go whitewater rafting, and do all the hiking you could desire. The town itself also has local charm and is worth spending some time in when you’re not too busy exploring the surrounding area.

In summary, anywhere that has raw terrain and unfiltered connections to be had with nature, wildlife, and people is right up your street Sagittarius. As long as you can combine activity, action, and adventure, with variety, diversity, and mind-broadening experiences, your internal zodiac travel flames will be stoked even more!

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