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Where to Travel in 2022 if You’re a Scorpio

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by Talisa Zampieri Oct 29, 2021

When choosing your next vacation, why pick your destination by zodiac travel? By looking at the elements of your star sign you can line up a trip that fits your personality. This month are celebrating Scorpios and, as the eighth astrological sign, you, my Scorpio friend, are the most mystical, mysterious, and deep of all the zodiac signs.

You’re not afraid of delving into the depths of the shadows and alchemizing what you find. Your archetype, in fact, is known as The Alchemist. There are also two other symbols for Scorpio, other than the scorpion; the snake, and the eagle/phoenix.

The snake is a higher octave of the scorpion, representing its innate powers of transmutation and ability to shed its skin. As such, places where you can retreat and uncover parts of yourself and explore your inner psychology, such as retreats and sacred spaces, are well-suited for you.

The third symbol, the eagle/phoenix, is the highest expression of Scorpio. This symbol represents learning something new, rising from the ashes and teaching others how to do the same. Learning how to do a new healing practice or trying out a different form of activity, perhaps one that is tied into spirituality or ancestry would also be suitable, your sign does fall in the midst of spooky season after all!

Your ruling planets are Pluto and Mars, traditionally, indicating you aren’t afraid of power, leadership, and taking action — a trip where you can truly feel the awe-inspiring magnitude of power in nature will help you feel right at home.

As a water symbol, you are deeply in touch with your emotions, intuition, and creativity. Destinations near bodies of water, places that inspire an emotional reaction, or where you can get your creative juices flowing will also be beneficial for you.

Finally, as a fixed sign (the ones that denote the middle of seasons), there is also a certain staying power, rigidity, and appreciation of tradition with you. Zodiac travel destinations that involve visiting historical sites or that require some stamina, such as a pilgrimage or trek, vibe well with you too.

Here are the top seven zodiac travel destinations for you Scorpio — basically anywhere you can be by water and nature, while also exploring history, culture, and tradition; and expanding on your spirituality and sense of awe in the process, is ideal for you.

1. Cairo, Egypt

Camel with Giza Pyramids in the background

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The land of infinite myths and mythologies, that has spawned countless fantasies, is sure to stoke your curiosity, Scorpio. This is the ideal destination for you because it allows you to explore ancient history and unknown mysteries. After wandering around the Pyramids of Giza and connecting to these mystic wonders, you can get lost in the epic Khan el-Khalili bazaar and use your scorpionic powers of persuasion to snag yourself some deals. Plus, both of these activities allow you to get your infamous detective hat on and get to the bottom of things.

2. Dry Tortugas National Park, US

Aerial view of Dry Tortugas National Park

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National parks bode well for you Scorpio because they are delineated areas where you can roam free. There is some element of containment, which as a fixed sign you will appreciate, but it also allows you to take the lead to explore — when you’re inside this vast expanse of nature, after all, it seems endless. Dry Tortugas National Park is even better for you because it’s surrounded by water. You have to arrive by boat (which is enough of an exciting adventure for you already) and then can tour around uncovering the 19th Century Fort Jefferson and seven surrounding islands. The snorkeling is also second to none!

3. New Orleans, US

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA street cars

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The home of jazz, spirituality and rich tradition, this city is perfect for you Scorpio because it allows you to get in touch with your creativity, imagination, and spiritual side. You can let your mind wander as you peruse the whimsical winding streets that almost seem stuck in time, and get lost in the eerily beautiful landscapes nearby. Learning about Hoodoo and Voodoo will also satiate your thirst for knowledge on history, religion, spirituality, and magic. This city is sure to capture your heart and soul. There’s also a variety of exciting accommodation options from unique boutique hotels to Airbnbs.

4. Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka is a perfect destination for Scorpios

Photo: Madrugada Verde/Shutterstock

This is an excellent zodiac travel destination for you Scorpio because it holds aging ruins, a rich traditional history, vibrant local culture, and luscious greenery. The awesome Lion Rock fortress has intriguing, innovative architecture and waterway systems dating from the 5th-century C.E, it’s even been dubbed the Eighth Wonder of the World. While you’re in Sri Lanka, why not take the Insta-worthy Kandy to Ella train and round out this trip near the ocean in the chilled coastal town, Weligama.

5. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape town is a perfect destination for Scorpios

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This seaside city has the perfect mix of water, nature, and urban buzz. There are many natural scenic spots to enjoy such as Table Moutain. Its expansive views welcome a laid-back culture that gives you the best of both worlds. After you’ve finished hiking to the top, you can cool off at Boulders Beach and mingle with the native penguins. If you have time, visit the prized surrounding vineyards for hearty, robust wine, and extend your trip up the beautiful Garden Route — where spotting whales on the horizon is common practice. Or, head to Kruger National Park for a safari in Johannesburg to end your voyage on the wild side.

6. Iguassu Falls, Argentina / Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

Iguassu Falls Argentina is a perfect destination for Scorpios

Photo: Nido Huebl/Shutterstock

This epic waterfall has got to be on your zodiac travel bucket list, Scorpio. Regardless of which side you visit, this vast network of waterfalls truly is a sight to behold. The sheer potency of water is palpable here. On the Brazilian side, you have a wide-open landscape to take in the sheer beauty in all its glory. And on the Argentinian side, you’ve got the breathtaking power of The Devil’s Throat. This part allows you to walk on an iron walkway right up to the crest. As you gaze mesmerized into the depths, you will hypnotically feel that you are simultaneously one with the waterfall and being taken by its currents.

7. Dubrovnik, Croatia

You’ll love this zodiac travel destination because of its historical heritage (and familiarity for any Game of Thrones fans!), and location immersed in beautiful coasts and a plethora of islands to choose from (one of the most in Europe — more than 1200). After exploring the Old Town, you can end your evening with fresh-caught fish at a sea view table sipping local wine. There are also lots of exciting day trips and nearby Split, the so-called Saint-Tropez of Croatia. If you have the time, the intricate web of Plitviče waterfalls in the north are straight out of a fairytale.

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