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Arc'Teryx Made The World's Most Packable Puffy Jacket

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by Brett F. Braley Dec 19, 2023

In some ways, winter is both the best and worst when it comes to packing for an upcoming trip. With heavy knits and neutral colors, you don’t have to put much thought behind what you’ll be wearing throughout the day, making outfit planning a breeze. But with heavier knits and bulky coats, you start running the risk of your luggage overflowing in no time.

I recently upgraded my jacket game to accommodate this disadvantage when it comes to winter travel. While there are many options on the market for packable jackets, it was an easy choice in finding the one that worked for my travel needs, budget, and personal style.

The Arc’teryx Cerium Hybrid Hoody isn’t just a streetstyle fave, but a true workhorse when it comes to providing adequate comfort, utilitarian style, and a minimal profile when packed in a bag. For me, this jacket is a win all around.

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Arc’teryx: From GORP to streetwear status symbol

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Walking down Fifth Ave on any given December day, you’re bound to see a handful of Arc’teryx jackets on any block. And for good reason: These stylish jackets mix outdoorsy casualness with an elevated feel that bridges that gap across demographics and interest groups. Because of this mass appeal, the brand has become somewhat of a favorite for the same types of customers who are willing to stand in line for a sneaker drop or to pair with their luxe Away carry-on. Either way, Arc’teryx has come a long way from its early roots as an outdoor gear brand from Canada.

So how did a Canadian outerwear brand get to reach global status among celebrities and the IYKYK crowd alike? Through innovation and a few strategic partners that elevated Arc’teryx to a new level. After spending the 1990s honing the brand and expanding the product offering, while doubling down on innovative and sustainably-conscious designs meant to last, Arc’teryx got the attention of French-based Salomon Group, a subsidiary of Adidas. Using that brand equity to boost its reach, Arc’teryx soon got a foothold outside of North America into larger key markets, which ultimately led to a purchase offer from Finnish Amer Sports (which now also owns Atomic, Wilson, and Salomon).

With this financial backing and basis of entering the fashion market from the top down, Arc’teryx began collaborating with more high-end brands and celebrity endorsements on social media to ultimately make the brand a streetwear mainstay today while remaining committed to its early roots as an outdoor company.

Arc’teryx Cerium Hybrid Hoody: Holding up for the long haul

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I give the background on Arc’teryx to better understand why the brand is perfect for those looking to upgrade their packable jackets for long-term, year-after-year use. With a pedigree in mountain climbing, Arc’teryx understands that good quality gear is meant to last and that starts from the material used.

The Cerium is made from an outer fabric called Fortius™ Air 50, a composite material made of 84% Nylon and 16% Elastane for breathability and long-term comfort with extended wear. The interior is ethical 850-fill European white goose down that retains heat while not adding bulk or extra weight as competitive synthetics on the market tend to do. The construction of the jacket itself plays a key role in its versatility and packability, as the Cerium uses a thinner set of segments within its puffer design to make rolling and folding easier than alternative options that tend to have larger, heftier puffer panels.

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Caring for the Arc’teryx Cerium Hybrid Hoody

I don’t know about you, but my jackets don’t get washed nearly as often as they should. If you notice your Cerium looking – or smelling – a little worse for wear, Arc’teryx has provided a great amount of detail on how best to care for your jacket to keep it lasting as long as possible.

The official care instructions for this particular model include:

  • Machine wash gentle low
  • Tumble dry gentle low
  • Tumble dry low with tennis balls
  • Do not bleach
  • Wash dark colours separately
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not iron
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Front-load washer recommended
  • Use mesh bag for top load washer

While the instructions may seem like a lot of “Don’t do this” and “Don’t do that”, I think it’s only fair for the brand to put it all out there at once. I mean, you’re spending upwards of $400 for this jacket – you might as well make sure it lasts.

Photo courtesy Arc'Teryx
Photo courtesy Arc'teryx

Returns and refunds through Arc’teryx

Arc’teryx has a fairly standard return policy if, for whatever reason, you find this might not be the jacket for you. Your item should be in new condition with original tags to receive the full value of your order and can be done through their site or at an Arc’teryx store. As with most brands, make sure that you understand that buying second-hand voids nearly everything on the return policy and should be handled through whichever third party you used for that purchase.

Final thoughts and how the Arc’teryx Cerium Hybrid Hoodie stacks against the competition

I think it’s easy to say there are other packable jackets on the market and any one of those competitors would suffice for general use. But when it comes to combining form and function, Arc’teryx remains miles ahead of the competition for me. I have tried Patagonia, Eddie Bauer, and Cotopaxi down jackets over the years and while each got the job done, none felt quite right. Instead, each felt more like a piece of clothing versus a piece of my wardrobe. If you have the money to spend and are looking for an investment piece, I’d recommend the Cerium without fearing it’s going out of style any time soon.

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