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Bali Hotel Is Offering Adorable Puppy Therapy Sessions

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by Eben Diskin Jun 26, 2019

There aren’t too many reasons to feel down if you’re vacationing in Bali, but just in case you are, this hotel is offering puppy therapy sessions for guests to chill.

The Puri Garden Hotel & Hostel in Ubud, in partnership with local dog rescue organization Bali Dog Association, is bringing in several puppies to cuddle with guests twice a week. The rescue organization works to rescue street dogs, and introduce them to more comfortable environments — so the dogs are probably just as grateful for these therapy sessions as the humans are.

In preparation for the sessions, the hotel sets up an enclosed area by the pool, so no dogs can wander astray (and you can’t steal any cute pups). Guests can play with the dogs within this penned-in area, where dog toys are also provided.

Sessions are offered at the hotel on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM. If you’re already staying at the hotel, the puppy play dates are an added bonus — but for some, they might be the reason to book a room there in the first place. Prices for rooms at Puri Garden start at around $21 for a bed in a hostel-like dorm and up to $69 for a private twin or double room.

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