The Best Apps for the Savvy Traveler

Maps + Infographics
by Ana Bulnes Dec 26, 2017

I don’t remember the first time I traveled with a smartphone — it was a gradual process, anyway, my first smartphone didn’t really live up to its name — but I do remember traveling with a basic dumbphone. I trusted physical maps, my guidebook, a notebook where I wrote down all important info, and, of course: people. And while traveling like that is definitely cool (some might say that’s the only way to really travel), smartphones have made our lives easier.

What are the apps you use the most when you travel? Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Travelstoke… But what about an app to know how much you must tip depending on where you are? Or another one to find free wifi? The guys at have put together this useful infographic with some of the most helpful travel apps. Have fun!

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